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trout fishing basics in the spread video chad bryson
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How to Fish for Trout with Chad Bryson

Trout fishing is often portrayed as this highfalutin sport where only the chosen know how to fish for trout and all the other fishermen are just nobs. Haha. Not from our perspective. Trout are not difficult to catch and you do not need really expensive fly rods, fly reels and swanky clothes to excel. In The Spread instructor Capt. Chad Bryson has been trout fishing in Ga since he was a child wading out into the river to throw worms and crickets to hungry trout. He has also fished and guided all over the world since then in pursuit of trophy fish. Chad is going to share his vast freshwater fishing knowledge with you, so you can either get started with how to fish for trout or gain a better understanding of how to break down a stream or river to fish only the most productive sections. Even though Chad focuses on tail waters in the southeast, you can apply the knowledge and fishing tips offered in this trout fly fishing basics video to any trout stream.

Anytime you find shoals and shoal areas, where water falling over rocks creates lots of dissolved oxygen, you will find slots, pockets and pools of deep water in the runs that hold fish. These are the areas you want to target trout of all species, albeit rainbows, browns, brook trout, what ever your river has in it. Any of these deep pockets of water is where you want to fish. Learn how to read this water. Chad will show you exactly what to look for and how to break down the various tongues and seams all the way across the shoal. Which will be more productive? Where should you start? See how to fish these areas with nymphs, where you should cast your fly and how to drift it through the run and when to recast. See how to approach the section you should fish without disturbing the fish. These trout fishing tips are presented from a basic approach, but this is deep knowledge that will have you fishing like a pro.

You will learn about the seasons for trout fishing, ideal water color and temperatures. Since much of the time the water is not going to be good, Chad will help you deal with less than ideal conditions. There are so many factors to weigh. What impact does the weather have on the fishing? What time of day is it best to go? How does the moon phase and changes in the barometer influence trout fishing?

What is the spawn? When do different trout spawn? Should you fish this time of year? How should you fish the spawn and not interrupt spawning activities? Learn how to fish around the main event.

Forget about the folks that make this seem more difficult that it really is. Chad Bryson details the basics trout fishing gear you need to get started. Fly rods and fly reels do not have to be super expensive or fancy. Know what size and weight setup will get you on the water. There are so many line and leader choices. We walk you through the entire process.

Then there are all the flies. You will need lots because you will loose lots. Find out which flies you need and how to keep all the indicators, split shots, dry flies, streamers and nymphs organized. What you receive is basic knowledge of what flies are in the river what times of the year and related bug hatches. This will help you get your fly selection sorted out.

Don't let trout fishing rigs be a stumbling block for you. Chad will show you how to rig for indicator fishing and dry dropper setups. What should you use and why? This is all vital information and it is all here.

A big part of what you need to know will be the actual mechanics of fishing your flies and how to drift them to achieve as natural a presentation as possible. Line management is critical. Chad will demonstrate for you how to mend or create a straight line from your rod tip to the indicator, to achieve that drag free drift.

Take your time and enjoy learning the fishing tips and conceptual knowledge that Capt. Chad Bryson is sharing in this InTheSpread.com video. This is a trout fishing basics presentation, but many of the principles shared are the building blocks for solid trout fishing anywhere in the world. Never stop learning.

A critical element when you first begin fly fishing for trout is to put yourself in a situation where you have lots of action. Don't underestimate the educational power of a hatchery supported fishery. Words of wisdom from the Chad.

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