How to Clean Fishing Rods

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Instructor: Allen Winchel

Maintaining fishing rods is crucial for their longevity. Allen Winchel, founder of Blackfin Rods, shares tips on maintaining rods. He demonstrates the importance of rinsing and wiping down tackle with a conditioning spray. By practicing cleanliness, you'll feel better and your fishing partners will appreciate your gear. Investing in Allen's tips can help preserve your fishing gear and make it a valuable investment.

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Allen Winchel, founder of Blackfin Rods, has a few simple fishing tips related to your fishing rods that will help preserve them. Allen comes to rod building as an avid tournament fishermen and a damn smart one at that. The experience and knowledge he has built up fishing so much gets transferred right into the fishing rods he makes. His skill at laying down sheets of material to achieve a range of strengths and actions is master level. Allen makes a fine fishing rod. It is with this design focus that he has some serious, yet simple, tips for how to maintain your fishing rods in peak condition. Having a keen understanding of the materials that go into manufacturing a superb rod blank avail Allen to know how best to maintain them. There is absolutely no reason not to keep your fishing tackle in peak condition. It is gross to get on someones boat only to find their tackle in shit condition. Lake water will leave a scum sheen and over time layers of it. Saltwater leaves corrosive salt. It only takes a few minutes to rinse your tackle of wipe it down. Your gear will last longer if you take care of it. Take the easy cleaning and maintenance tips Allen Winchel has for you in this In The Spread fishing video and help your fishing rods look good lasting longer.

Prolonging the Life of Your Rods

Maintaining fishing rods is not just a matter of prolonging their life; it's about respecting the craft of fishing and ensuring the best performance from your equipment on every outing. Allen Winchel, the founder of Blackfin Rods, underscores the critical nature of rod maintenance through his expert guidance. His insights provide not only a blueprint for care but also demonstrate how these practices can enhance the overall fishing experience for you and those you fish with.

Core Principles of Fishing Rod Maintenance

  • Routine Cleaning: The cornerstone of rod maintenance is routine cleaning. Allen advocates for the simple yet effective process of lightly washing and drying your rods. This begins with a fresh water rinse and a mild soap to gently cleanse away salt, dirt, and grime accumulated from fishing expeditions. A thorough rinse follows to ensure no soap residue remains, as this can be as damaging as the dirt itself.
  • Drying: Often overlooked, drying is crucial. Without proper drying, water spots and corrosion can start to affect the rod, particularly in the components like rollers or guides where water can accumulate. A careful wipe-down with a soft cloth ensures these areas are dry. Additionally, a light application of furniture polish not only aids in drying but provides a protective layer against wear and corrosion.
  • Maintenance of Moving Parts: For parts like roller guides, Allen emphasizes the importance of disassembly, cleaning, and preservation. Keeping these components greased ensures they operate smoothly, which is critical for performance during fishing. The same level of care applied to ring guides can prevent damage and extend the rod's life.
  • Use of Protective Sprays: Allen suggests the use of marine-grade anti-corrosion spray on the rod's butt section to maintain metal parts. This type of product is invaluable in combating the harsh marine environment rods are often exposed to. Applying furniture polish or this spray after every couple of fishing trips can significantly help in preserving the rod's integrity and appearance.

Why Maintenance Matters

The emphasis on cleanliness, drying, and the judicious use of conditioning sprays is not just about maintenance; it's about enhancing your relationship with your fishing gear. When you take care of your tackle, it not only performs better but also becomes a more valuable investment over time. Your fishing partners will notice and appreciate the care you put into your equipment, fostering a greater respect for the sport and the environment.

Investing in Your Fishing Gear

Following Allen's advice is an investment in the longevity and performance of your fishing rods. By adopting these maintenance practices, you ensure that your gear remains in top condition, ready for whatever the water throws at you. This level of care not only preserves the physical state of the rods but also the joy and satisfaction derived from using well-maintained equipment.

In Summary

Allen Winchel's approach to fishing rod maintenance is comprehensive, covering everything from basic cleaning to the detailed care of specific components. By implementing these practices, anglers can significantly extend the life of their rods, ensuring that they remain a reliable companion for many fishing adventures to come. Maintenance, as Allen teaches, is not just about the gear; it's a reflection of the angler's respect for the sport and their commitment to preserving the quality of their fishing experience.

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