How to Clean Fishing Rods

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Instructor: Allen Winchel
Categories: Saltwater , Fishing Tackle

Maintaining fishing rods is crucial for their longevity. Allen Winchel, founder of Blackfin Rods, shares tips on maintaining rods. He demonstrates the importance of rinsing and wiping down tackle with a conditioning spray. By practicing cleanliness, you'll feel better and your fishing partners will appreciate your gear. Investing in Allen's tips can help preserve your fishing gear and make it a valuable investment.

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Allen Winchel, founder of Blackfin Rods, has a few simple fishing tips related to your fishing rods that will help preserve them. Allen comes to rod building as an avid tournament fishermen and a damn smart one at that. The experience and knowledge he has built up fishing so much gets transferred right into the fishing rods he makes. His skill at laying down sheets of material to achieve a range of strengths and actions is master level. Allen makes a fine fishing rod. It is with this design focus that he has some serious, yet simple, tips for how to maintain your fishing rods in peak condition. Having a keen understanding of the materials that go into manufacturing a superb rod blank avail Allen to know how best to maintain them. There is absolutely no reason not to keep your fishing tackle in peak condition. It is gross to get on someones boat only to find their tackle in shit condition. Lake water will leave a scum sheen and over time layers of it. Saltwater leaves corrosive salt. It only takes a few minutes to rinse your tackle of wipe it down. Your gear will last longer if you take care of it. Take the easy cleaning and maintenance tips Allen Winchel has for you in this In The Spread fishing video and help your fishing rods look good lasting longer.

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