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bottom fishing grouper in the spread
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Bottom Fishing | Grouper | Gulf of Mexico

Learn bottom fishing grouper tactics and techniques from Kevin Adney. Kevin shares his fishing knowledge, built from experience, to you, so you can further fine tune your own bottom fishing skills or learn the fundamentals of how to get baits down to the structure where the fish live. While it all seems rather simple, there are several key points of understanding that you really need to capitalize on to make your time spent on the water more productive.

There are a couple of approaches to bottom fishing, one is allowing your boat to drift over the structure and the other is anchoring up and drifting baits to the target zone. Both require keen perception of the current and how best to manage it. Many times, your baits have to be very close to the structure to get any bites. The more current you have, the more difficult it can be hit the spot.

The one constant in this type of fishing is the bottom. You must have good bottom structure to have good bottom fishing. Many of the species we all like to catch, like grouper and snapper, are super structure oriented. Finding good bottom can be challenging and time consuming. A lot of the areas that are the more productive will be marked on maps. Another good way to develop an assortment of productive spots is to get out there and use your bottom machine to search for areas. Mark spots that look good, come back later and send baits down to see what comes up. Grouper tend to like a certain type of structure. We will discuss what makes good grouper grounds

The real trick to having success is getting your baits on target. You can do this by drifting in your boat or by anchoring up current and then drifting just your baits in the direction of the structure. Covering ground by setting up a drift line with your boat does allow you to cover more ground and put your baits in front of more fish. The one aspect of bottom fishing that causing much consternation is determining current direction and how best to set your boat on a course to pass directly over of very near the structure holding fish. It is a good idea to also know which side of the structure the fish are positioning themselves.

You can go with live bait or dead or a combination of both, which is wise. The type and quality of your baits is key to your success. We will cover some of the better bait options, how to keep them fresh and how to rig baits for better results.

We go into great detail on determining the direction of the current at both the surface level and below the surface. The two do not necessarily move in the same direction. We will explain all of this and show you how to deal with it accordingly. You may have to course correct a few times and make a few passes to really get your course. Learning the finer points of drift management will be so incredibly helpful. That is why we made this bottom fishing for grouper video.

Setting up a good drift is all about knowing the current. Is it stratified in the water column, how fast is it moving and how much weight do you need to hit bottom are just a few concerns. You also have to think about how you drive to a spot. The last thing you need to do is foul the spot by driving right over the top of it. Kevin has some very insightful knowledge to share on all of this.

Bottom fishing does require having quality rigs and an assortment of weights to tget your bait to the bottom. Depending on the amount of current your are dealing with will determine how much weight you need to get down and hold bottom. We will cover this and how to make your own bottom fishing rigs. Line, leaders, hooks, connections are all shared. This could not be made easier for you.

Once you baits are on the bottom, you have to know how to react to bites. This is not bass fishing. A little more finesse is called for, to make purchase with your hook. By watching this bottom fishing for grouper video, you will be well on your way to bettering your overall approach.

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