Blue Marlin - Rigging Lures with Vinyl Skirts and Sta-Stuk Hooks

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Instructor: Kevin Hibbard

Explore the art of rigging lures for Blue Marlin fishing with Captain Kevin Hibbard. Dive into a detailed guide on using vinyl skirts and Sta-Stuk Hooks to enhance your trolling success, under the expert tutelage of a master angler inspired by Hawaiian fishing legends.

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  • Understanding Blue Marlin
  • Expertise of Captain Kevin Hibbard in lure fishing and trolling for Blue Marlin
  • In-depth guide on rigging marlin trolling lures with vinyl
  • Comparison between vinyl and rubber skirts
  • Importance of precision in lure rigging
  • Discussions on lure head shapes, skirt colors and lure rigging techniques
  • Detailed step-by-step process of creating hook rigs with Sta-Stuk Hooks

At the heart of marlin fishing lies a science and an art, finely intertwined in a dance of mastery and mystery. The majestic Blue Marlin (Makaira nigricans), a pinnacle of the ocean’s elegance, represents a coveted catch for every angler. The Pacific Blue Marlin, with its astonishing size and indomitable spirit, beckons anglers to the vast expanses of the blue wilderness, promising both challenge and reward.

Blue Marlin Fishing Videos

The chase of the Blue Marlin is more than a sport; it's a journey of discovery, courage, and homage to the ancient mariners who revered the sea and its behemoths. Among the modern-day disciples of this age-old pursuit is Captain Kevin Hibbard, a maestro of the marlin lure, whose tutelage under several of the top Hawaiian fishing legends has honed his skills to a fine artistry.

Fishing Marlin, especially the allure of blue marlin fishing, is a realm where experience, knowledge, and the right equipment come together to form the triumvirate of success. The essence of this triumvirate is beautifully captured in this video tutorial featuring Captain Hibbard, where he unravels the secrets of rigging lures with vinyl skirts and Sta-Stuk Hooks.


An angler's bond with lures is akin to a woman's love for shoes. It's about the right fit, the perfect color, and the promise of a beautiful journey,"

Kevin Hibbard, his eyes twinkling with the wisdom of many a marlin chase.

In a detailed exposition, Captain Hibbard lays bare the intricacies of rigging trolling lures. The emphasis is on simplicity, trust in one's tools, and a profound understanding of the ocean's temperament. This guide is a treasure trove for those seeking to delve into the mysteries of trolling for blue marlin.

Rigging the Marlin Trolling Lures: A Step-by-Step Exposition

  1. Mounting the Inner and Outer Vinyl Skirt: The initial focus is on how to mount the inner skirt and the outer vinyl skirt, a procedure that demands precision and understanding of the lure’s dynamics.
  2. Rubber vs Vinyl: A comparative analysis between rubber and vinyl skirts, laying down the circumstances under which each material is preferable.
  3. Benefits of Vinyl: Highlighting the advantages of using vinyl to rig trolling lures, the discussion ventures into the realms of durability, swimming action, and the harmony of lure head shapes with vinyl.
  4. Crafting the Skirt: A demonstration on how to cut a sheet of vinyl for mounting on a lure’s shoulders, underscoring the importance of precision cutting for the skirt to sit well.
  5. Tools and Materials: A comprehensive list and explanation of all the tools and materials needed to cut skirts and mount them.
  6. Rigging Floss and Skirt Colors: Delving into the types of rigging floss ideal for the task, followed by a discussion on the importance of lure shape versus color.
  7. The Sta-Stuk Hook Rig: The climax of the tutorial reaches with the rigging of the 10/0 Kona cut Sta-Stuk Hook. A meticulous step-by-step process is laid out, covering cable, crimps, crimpers, shrink tube, and all the essential tools and materials.
  8. Achieving Ideal Lure Performance: Lastly, learn how to use the natural coil of the leader to achieve ideal performance from the lure, a nugget of wisdom that encapsulates the symbiotic relationship between the angler, the lure, and the marlin.

In the vast expanse where the sky kisses the ocean, the blue marlin reigns supreme, its pursuit a testament to the indomitable spirit of the marlin anglers. The legacy of legends like Henry Chee lives on in the angling exploits of Captain Hibbard, a sage of the Pacific blue marlin fishing. Under his guidance, the art of rigging lures is no more a herculean task but a journey of joy, learning, and an ode to the majestic Blue Marlin.

Embark on this journey of fishing marlin, delve into the depths of knowledge shared by Captain Hibbard, and let the voyage towards mastering the art of blue marlin fishing commence.

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Kevin Hibbard

Captain Kevin Hibbard, a renowned blue marlin fishing expert, has a deep connection to the ocean and has honed his skills in heavy tackle and lure fishing. He has honed his knowledge and techniques from the best captains in the business, including Henry Chee and George Parker. Hibbard's approach to fishing is simple, focused, and trusting, ensuring the best lures are chosen for the ocean's conditions. His dedication to the craft and his passion for the ocean's giants make him a sought-after fishing expert.

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