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sight casting black drum in the spread fishing video
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Black Drum Fish Flats Fishing

Is there anything more exciting than sight casting to fish in skinny water? While this type of saltwater fishing is not one of the easier fishing endeavors, it ranks near the top for thrill. Spotting black drum on the flats takes a keen eye. If you want to know how to catch black drum on the flats, join super experienced old school Florida Keys fishing guide Ruben Lee as he shares light tackle inshore fishing tactics for casting to fish.

Ruben goes into great detail to demonstrate how to successfully targets black drum on the flats. He discusses and demonstrates fishing tips on how to fish the flats, locate black drum in skinny water, how to determine whether they are feeding, what bait works, positioning your bait in their path, the requisite tackle, tides and conditions, plus so much more.

Fishing the flats in the Florida Keys takes a certain level of knowledge that we intend to share with you. We will explain which end of the flat to start fishing on, based on where the sun is and which way the wind is blowing. Learn how to spot fish. What do you look for?

This species has eyes positioned in such a way that they spend a lot of time looking down nosing around on the bottom in search of bait food. Getting them to eat your bait can be a challenge, so you really have to be able to cast your bait with accuracy to put in their meandering path, without spooking them. Natural bait is the way to go. See what type works best and why.

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