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Winter Muskie Fishing

When you think about winter reservoir muskie fishing, you cannot and should not leave out vertical jigging. In the cold months, jigging for musky may give you the best chance to bag a big fish. If you were only going to do one thing, jigging would be it. This muskie fishing video breaks down a variety of winter jigging techniques for this apex predator.

This In The Spread video features Tennessee Musky Guide Cory Allen. The unique quality Cory brings to winter muskie fishing is not his vast experience, but his acumen. Cory has a total grasp of what is going on in the fishery. He really understands muskie behavior and feeding triggers. With this fishing video, you are privy to deep inspection of why vertical jigging is so productive, how to maximize your use of the technique and a select few baits that will catch you fish.

There is no better way to hold a bait in a given strike zone and give the fish time to check it out. See how you can utilize lures like the Biwaa Divinator, Rattletrap, Echo Tail and others of varying size. Take your time vertical jiggins. Let the mechanics of what the lure is doing on the rise and fall work for you. Get some perspective on how controling your fall rate helps to keep the feel with the lure and miss less bites. If you have too much slack in your line, the fish can take a shot and you may not even know it. Part of this is due to the more subtle bites you are going to get in the winter months.

Winter muskie fishing is about being methodical. It is more subtle. Bites are not so violent. Jigging gives you a great way to work and area, like a channel break line or deep trees. There is just no better way to keep a bait in the fishes face when it is hunkered down in deep timber or weed lines.

The name Tennessee Valley Muskie Authority is no joke. Cory Allen is an absolute brain trust of muskie fishing knowledge. Utilize what he is sharing to expand your base of creativity. Open up the realm of possibilities vertical jigging affords. Use a variety of musky lures. The one thing Cory always stresses is to think outside the box. Get more out of your presentations. If it sinks, you can jig it, so be creative. Which lures work better for different situations? You will see. Learn about some of the better baits to start with. You will get a cross sampling of different types of baits, so you can see some options. Use this instructional fishing video as a tool to help you explore a little more of what vertical jigging for winter muskie opens up. This can make or break you day. Remember, never stop learning.

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