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  • Musky Fishing – Don't Limit Your Scope

    2023, Musky Fishing – Don't Limit Your Scope

    Musky fishing is often misunderstood as being set up in the north, but it is actually a "southern fish" to some. Tennessee, located to the east of the Rockies, is more elevated than Kentucky. Despite this, there is a vast amount of untapped musky water in the state. This highlights the importance of perception in both musky fishing and life.

  • Musky Fishing - Wintertime Thoughts with Dwayne Hickey

    2022, Musky Fishing - Wintertime Thoughts with Dwayne Hickey

    The Collins River is ideal for musky fishing during December through March, with falling water temperatures and rising water levels. To maximize success, research water level, weather, and location. Musky fishing tips include slowing down, using current breaks, and focusing on steep banks, log jams, weed beds, and deep bluffs. Muskie will feed actively in even the coldest water and air temperatures, so adjusting your tactics is crucial.

  • Fall Muskie Fishing - Collins River with Dwayne Hickey

    2021, Fall Muskie Fishing - Collins River with Dwayne Hickey

    Southern muskie fishing in the summer is challenging due to the lack of closed seasons and ice covered rivers. However, abstaining from fishing is short but crucial for species health. Fall offers excellent action with various lures, including top water and spinnerbaits. Swim baits are available in various sizes and colors for clear and stained river water.

  • Collins River Muskie - Fishing the Spawn

    2021, Collins River Muskie - Fishing the Spawn

    The Tennessee muskie, a popular fish, begins its spawning ritual in Southern waters when water temperatures reach mid-50 degrees. Muskie fish, like walleye, white bass, and suckers, travel up to 20 miles to spawn. After recovery, some fish stay in upper reaches of rivers. Muskie males seek female partners in late March until mid-April.

  • Collins River TN Fishing - Dwayne Hickey

    2020, Collins River TN Fishing - Dwayne Hickey

    The Collins River in Tennessee, near McMinnville, is known for smallmouth bass and red eye perch fishing. However, the river has seen a shift with the reintroduction of the Musky, a species once extinct. The stocking effort by Tennessee was successful, with the last muskie fingerlings stocked in 2012. The fishery is now healthy, with yearly data proving its health.

  • Catfishing Techniques - Scott Manning

    2020, Catfishing Techniques - Scott Manning

    Scott Manning, a seasoned catfisher, has gained fame for his expertise in the Tennessee River system. The waterways were created by the Tennessee Valley Authority's dams in the 1930s, creating a diverse fish habitat. Manning leverages his fishing skills and down-to-earth demeanor to navigate the catfishing techniques, leveraging the predictable water movement and bait aggregation points.

  • Summer Walleye Fishing - Dwayne Hickey

    2019, Summer Walleye Fishing - Dwayne Hickey

    Walleye fishing in the south is popular during summer, with fish typically hanging together in shallow water depths. Three methods include trolling crank baits, trolling motors, and night fishing under lights. Slow trolling techniques catch walleye, bluegill, catfish, and bass. Bug repellent is essential for effective fishing.

  • Cory Allen with one of his many giant muskie

    2019, Big Muskie Down South - Cory Allen

    Muskie fishing is popular in southern states like Tennessee, where reservoirs and impoundments support various fish species. Cory Allen, a skilled fisherman, specializes in this area, where the Tennessee Valley Authority controls the river's flow. Allen is knowledgeable about the underwater topography and its impact on muskie behavior.

  • Catfishing Techniques - Jugs and Trot Lines

    2019, Catfishing Techniques - Jugs and Trot Lines

    Spring camping trips often involve catfishing using jugs, limb lines, and trot lines. Cats are abundant in the south, and setting up jugs, limb lines, and trot lines can be a great way to stock the freezer. Live bait, fresh cut bait, and limb lines are effective for flathead catfish.

  • Muskie Fishing - The Collins River with Dwayne Hickey

    2019, Muskie Fishing - The Collins River with Dwayne Hickey

    Native muskies once roamed rivers and streams in Tennessee, but hydroelectric dams wiped out spawning grounds. In the mid 1980s, they were reintroduced into the Collins river, thriving until the early 2000s. Today, the river has a healthy population of muskies, with occasional fish of 50 inches or better. Musky lures, tools, and a first aid kit are essential for fishing.

  • Big Fish Outfitters

    2019, Big Fish Outfitters

    Big Fish Outfitters in Lenoir City, Tennessee is an impressive freshwater fishing tackle shop with a well-stocked selection of bass and striper tackle. The shop is clean, organized, and knowledgeable about the game. The main difference is the in-house live bait and dead bait rigging, with huge tanks for trout of all sizes. The shop is an excellent choice for freshwater fishing enthusiasts.

  • Cory Allen releases a big muskie fishing in the winter

    2019, Big Muskie Fishing in the Winter

    As the new year approaches, muskies, particularly big ones, may not eat large portions of musky-size table fare due to their physiology. They are more likely caught on cross-training presentations for walleye, bass, and crappie. Bill Green's musky spinning rod line offers power and finesse.