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Musky Lures from H2O Tackle with Cory Allen

When it comes to musky lures, the question of how do you fish it is asked quite a lot. You have to consider lure dynamics, applications and presentations are super variable. You have to experiment. In The Spread instructor Cory Allen splits atoms when it comes to breaking down how much you can get out of a lure in this muskie fishing video. Cory's initial response to that question typically involves something like, how do you not fish it. His first inkling when dealing with a new lure is to toss it into the water and do nothing. See what the fishing lure does naturally and then begin to manipulate it.

While the cornerstone of In The Spread teaching is never simple product placement, we take pride in helping introduce you to some of the more effective tools you can have in your arsenal by category of type and their daily and seasonal applications. It is rare however that you can attribute a single person as the mastermind behind so many different baits relatively unknown to the market at large, that incorporate such thoughtful design into each one’s function they literally make redundant entire manufacturing lines in cases because of all the bases they have covered.

This is just the case though with Roger Waters and H20 Tackle. In this video we’ll be showcasing just a fistful of his unique bait designs that offer what is very likely the broadest control spectrum of ever seen in a single name of musky fishing tackle.

Not only are the designs at their base all carefully justified by their individual unique traits but almost every bait he makes incorporates the option of functional weight inserts that literally take one bait and allow it to replace the need for 4-5 others depending on how weights of different sizes are utilized at your own discretion.

While muskie fishing extraordinaire Cory Allen will be showing you each of the baits both in and out of the water, he’ll also be exploring the subtle little differences that might make this bait line seem nondescript, but in fact showcase just how attention to details and even realizing subtle changes into base designs can create entirely different tools.

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