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Fishing Suckers for Musky

This In The Spread muskie fishing video features bottom fishing techniques using suckers. For many, this will be a journey through a style of fishing that is often overlooked. "Live Baiting” is often considered a dirty word in muskie fishing circles. Even though generations of anglers have traditional dragged meat off the transom as they carpet bombed their favorite fall waters casting, its role as anything more than an ancillary tactic has been largely ignored, and thus has its effectiveness as a precision tool for musky fish.

Join us with muskie angling aficionado Joe Murphy as he not only defies but irreverently ignores convention, and shows us how to employ live suckers as a means to target very defined areas and remove the element of attrition fishin' to stake out the trails fish use, set up precision bait placements, and set up your "stand" from an anchored position to broadcast your offerings to intercept the most quarry while maintaining acute control.

You don't desperately chase a deer through the woods shooting at them with reckless abandon. You lay in wait from carefully scouted positions.

This is hunting.

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