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Fishing Crimps and Terminal Tackle

The In The Spread Crimps, Crimpers and Crimping Techniques video teaches you all you need to know so your crimps or sleeves never fail. Your line will fail before the crimp 100% of the time, if you do it the right way. Learn how to do it the right way with RJ Boyle. He tests the limits of terminal tackle on a regular basis, chasing big game like giant bluefin, grander marlin and swordfish. He also does a lot of rigging for sailfish, wahoo and other tournament fishermen. RJ is very knowledgable. His rigs are very sound, due to his anal nature relative to tackle. In this instructional fishing video, you will learn a great detail about the various crimping tools, the differences between crimps and the proper crimping technique required to ensure your success!

Here is the issue with crimp tools and crimping, you will probably never know if you are 100%. There are just too many sizes of monofilament and four or five different holes on a crimper. So, how do you really know if you are crimping something properly? You never will, unless you have a line breaking machine that tells you exactly what breaking strength is for your rigs.

You could, of course, have your tools calibrated, so you know that what you put in the water is close to 100%. But, only a small group of fishermen will do this. Most anglers just buy a set of crimpers and try their best to match the crimp size to the hole it “should” fit in on the crimp tool. This is an unnecessary game of chance.

Learn about the various crimpers, crimps, different wall sizes and materials that crimps are made from. This fishing tackle video will show you how to look for the right crimps and the correct tool to crimp with. This is a deep analysis. It is a little heady, at times. At In The Spread, that is what we do. We want to give you all the information you need to be empowered in your fishing.

Something that you need to be conscious of before you start dealing with line, cable, crimpers and crimps is different brand lines come in different thicknesses, for a given line class. So, be sure you know your line diameter prior to buying crimps. Going by weight can cost you. Again, pick the line that works for you and match it with the correct sleeve size. Know what crimp goes in what hole with what mono.

When it comes to the actual crimpers, there are a variety of sizes. The big game variety are for working with 300 lb and up lines. Smaller hand sized are for working with line that is 300 lbs and down. We will show you how to select the appropriate tool, the proper techniques for crimping, how to adjust the tool and how to keep them in good working condition.

RJ will discuss kinds of crimps, shapes, which to use for mono and which to use for cable or wire. You will gain a deeper understanding of sleeve length, thickness of the wall, the types of materials to use for monofilament or wire. With so many companies making crimps, how do you know which are of the higher quality. You will learn about a few of the better manufacturers. Just keep it simple.

You can count on being shown proper rigging techniques to ensure success on the water. You want to avoid a critical failure when hooked up to a beast. The first concept you have to consider is how you position the sleeve in the tool. We will use both big game and hand crimpers to demonstrate the optimal placement. Next comes the act of compressing the tool. You definitely do not want to over or under crimp. We provide super close up shots, so you know exactly what we are talking about. See the difference between doing it right and doing it wrong. You rigs should be crimped to win.

Based on all the demonstrations and explanations we share with you, we want you to feel absolute comfort when you are rigging your tacke. Our goal at In The Spread is to help you catch that fish of a lifetime or just a lot more. There is no reason for terminal failure. Go with knowledge and never stop learning.

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