How to Rig Ballyhoo

September 07, 2018
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The ocean's rhythm is a symphony of ballyhoo, fish, and man. Rigging ballyhoo for trolling involves a delicate ritual bridging the gap between human ambition and the humble ballyhoo fish. Mastering the art requires understanding the ballyhoo, its colors, firmness, and beak. Anglers use various rigging techniques, including swivel rigs, O-ring rigs, float rigs, circle hook rigs, and chuggers. The artistry extends beyond bait to skirts, enhancing the lure's vibrancy.

Upon the vast and ceaseless rhythm of the ocean, one finds a stirring testament to the quiet majesty of the natural world. It's here, amid the waves and whispers of the sea, that a symphony unfolds—a symphony of ballyhoo and fish and man. Oh, what a divine dance it is, that of rigging ballyhoo for trolling, a delicate ritual bridging the gap between human ambition and the humble ballyhoo fish.

Imagine if you will, a well-crafted set of tools, shimmering under the sun's generous light: a file, J-hooks, circle hooks, swivels, O-rings, rigging wire, and floss. Add to this ensemble, lead, a chugger & hooker, a mylar head skirt, fluorocarbon, and the essence of the sea itself—salt or brine. Furthermore, you'd be bereft without Manley Pliers, a deboner or an arrow, a small hand crimper, mono, cutters, needle nose pliers, wire snips or diagonal cutting pliers, a sturdy bait knife, and the silent hero of our tale—a closed-eye rigging needle. Such an array of tools, like a well-practiced orchestra, sets the stage for the grand symphony of rigging ballyhoo.

In the dance of the sea, ballyhoo bait reigns as a revered standard, occupying the hallowed halls of bait boxes across our great globe. Yet, to master the art of rigging ballyhoo is to learn a language older than man, a language of the sea, of patience, and of respect for the vibrant life it sustains.

To venture into the great aquatic yonder, one must understand the humble ballyhoo, its colors, firmness, the spark in its eyes, and the strength of its beak. The ballyhoo, dressed in resplendent blue-green, with an echo of orange on its tail, demands attention to detail. Its vitality lies in the firmness of its belly, the clarity of its eyes, and the integrity of its beak—a testament to the magic and mystery of the deep.

Through the lens of an adept angler, one sees a multitude of rigging techniques—each a unique verse in the grand symphony of fishing ballyhoo. The Swivel Rig, The O-Ring ballyhoo rig, The Floss Rig, Circle Hook ballyhoo with Mylar Rig, Hooker Style Rig, Split Bill Ballyhoo, Wire Rig Ballyhoo, and the Double Hook Ballyhoo Pin Rig. Each rig is a stanza in our poem, a note in our melody, and a step in our dance with the sea.

Furthermore, the artistry of rigging ballyhoo extends beyond the bait and into the realm of skirts. A sea witch ballyhoo rig, chuggers, sea fans, squid skirts—all confer vibrancy and life to the bait, making it swim with an irresistible charm. How much should one trim these colourful adornments for a proper ballyhoo rig? Ah, my friend, the details lie in the grand dance itself.

In the end, the dance of rigging ballyhoo for trolling is not just an act—it's an invitation. An invitation to partake in the symphony of the sea, to understand the language of the ballyhoo fish, and to experience the quiet majesty of the natural world.

Seth Horne In The Spread,
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