Dredge Fishing with Bill Pino of Squidnation

September 07, 2018
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Dredge fishing, an offshore technique used for sailfish and marlin, has revolutionized billfishing tournaments by showcasing a fleeing bait school. Squidnation, owned by Bill Pino, is at the forefront of this revolution, developing effective dredge baits and teasers. Pino's expertise in the sport and willingness to learn from top fishing teams have placed Squidnation at the forefront of product development and brand awareness.

In the realm of billfishing, there exists a gold standard that separates the winners from the rest - dredge fishing. This offshore technique, primarily used for sailfish and marlin, has revolutionized the way we approach these tournaments. The art of dredge fishing lies in its ability to simulate a fleeing bait school, a spectacle that proves irresistible to the predatory instincts of the sailfish.

At the forefront of this revolution is Squidnation, a company that has made significant strides in the development of dredge baits and teasers. The man behind this innovation is Bill Pino, an angler par excellence and the owner of Squidnation. His relentless pursuit of fishing and innovation has led to the creation of some of the most effective dredge lures and setups in the industry.

Bill Pino's expertise in the field is unparalleled. His understanding of the intricacies of the sport, coupled with his willingness to listen and learn from the best fishing teams worldwide, has positioned Squidnation at the bleeding edge of product development and brand awareness.

One of the key elements of Bill's success is his dredge fishing setup. It's a winning combination that has seen him triumph in the El Salvador International Bill Tournament time and again. The setup, which he demonstrates in the In The Spread Dredge and Teasers for Sailfish video, is a testament to his deep understanding of sailfish behavior and baiting strategies.

The video offers a rare glimpse into the world of Bill Pino, post-victory at the El Salvador tournament. It delves into his exploits fishing in Central America and his insights into teaser usage in the region. The video is a treasure trove of knowledge, with Bill sharing his refined thoughts on what happens when a sailfish enters the spread and how to react.

One of Bill's most successful creations is the 'flippy floppy,' a must-have for any sailfishing boat. This innovative dredge lure has proven to be a game-changer in the industry, further cementing Bill's status as a leader in the field.
Dredge fishing is not just about the act; it's about the art. It's about understanding the behavior of the sailfish, mastering the use of dredge baits and lures, and perfecting the speed at which you fish. It's about never stopping the pursuit of knowledge and always striving to fish smarter.

In the world of billfishing, the name Bill Pino and Squidnation are synonymous with success. Their contribution to the sport, particularly in the realm of dredge fishing, is a testament to their dedication, innovation, and passion. As Bill often says, "Keep grinding and never stop learning."

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