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Peacock Bass Florida with Justin Nguyen

Cast a Line Fly Fishing and Justin Nguyen go on a fly fishing journey through the urban landscape in search of peacock bass and other exotic species. He will demonstrate just how convenient it is to get on a nice fish without ever getting on a boat.

South Florida is defined by water and how to manage it. The swamps, canals, ponds and lakes are all connected and flowing to the sea. This interconnected flow of freshwater plays host to an amazing food chain or aquatic life. Atop the food chain in these waterways is the peacock bass. Beautiful and exotic, this apex predator is perhaps the most aggressive and sporting gamefish in south Florida freshwater fishing. The coolest part is that for much of the fishing, you can access it by foot. No boats required. Drive up, get out, walk to fishing hole and site cast Florida peacock bass. It is that simple.

This is urban fishing and by that I mean from land. It is surprising how much easily accessible water is out there and how much life it supports. Since most fishermen do not own boats, urban fishing is the only option. The trick is identifying the pieces of water that are ideal peacock bass habitat. What do they like in the way of structure or water movement? How and what do you present to the peacock bass? This In The Spread peacock bass fishing video will share with you the fishing techniques of the guy behind Cast A Line Fly Charters. Even though this is a fly fishing video, there is much to take away for the conventional fisherman, in terms of identifying spots to fish and tactics that will catch you fish.

Justin Nguyen moved to the Fort Lauderdale area a few years ago from Indiana, leaving behind a successful steelhead fishing guide operation. He cut his teeth targeting freshwater apex predators in skinny waters where you have to deal with endless trees and undergrowth. His skill with casting flies through, around or under vegetation adapted well to the urban fishing jungle of south Florida. Justin is a fishyaf dude. He has spent so much time on the water. Some guys have knack for knowing where fish will stage to ambush their next meal and how to trigger bites. He is one of those guys.

You will see Justin drive right up to spots and be on fish in minutes. The ability to find the right stretches of water to target is a huge advantage. See how to fish for peacock bass in Florida from land. Learn about fishing canals and small lakes. Justing will demonstrate his casting techniques, the flies he prefers, his fly fishing rod and reel and what to look for when you find accessible water. Knowing a little more is all the edge you need to get on fish a few steps from your car.

Knowing how to fly fish for peacock bass Florida, in the urban environment, opens up a gift of incredible sport fishing action. On a 5 to 7 weight fly rod, you will have plenty on your hands with the quality of fish you will encounter. South Florida may not have giants, but what they do you have a healthy population of nice peacock bass. Let Justin Nguyen show you a few of his thoughts and fly fishing tips on fishing for peacock bass in the canals and lakes of the Fort Lauderdale area.

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