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  • Urban Fishing Florida Peacock Bass with Justin Nguyen

    2020, Peacock Bass - Fly Fishing Florida with Justin Nguyen

    South Florida offers incredible sport fishing opportunities, particularly for peacock bass. Drive to spots and cast from your car, despite the murky water. Justin Nguyen shares his tips for catching peacock bass on fly, focusing on specific structures and targeting them effectively. Learn from his experiences and enhance your fishing knowledge to find success wherever you go.

  • Justin Nguyen - Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Guide

    2021, Justin Nguyen - Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Guide

    Captain Justin Nguyen, a renowned fly fisherman, possesses an innate ability to catch fish in any situation. Born in Vietnam, he grew up fishing on the Great Mekong River system. Despite being a soccer player, he rediscovered his passion for fishing and eventually pursued a career in fly fishing. Nguyen's passion for water has led him to create various art forms, including tattoos and marine art.

  •  Peacock Bass Fishing Florida - Captain Justin Nguyen

    2021, Peacock Bass Fishing Florida - Captain Justin Nguyen

    Peacock bass, a predatory freshwater fish native to tropical South America, are highly sought after for their aggressive behavior and powerful runs. They can be caught using various lures and are popular in southeast Florida. To ensure a memorable fishing experience, hire a knowledgeable guide with multi-discipline skills, including fly fishing gear and conventional fishing. Captain Justin Nguyen is an excellent guide for peacock bass fishing in Florida.