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Trolling for Musky with Cory Allen

Big muskie angler Cory Allen gives you a road map on trolling for musky with this In The Spread muskie fishing video. Learn about setting up your own concise but thorough trolling spread, and how to use critical analysis of what you’re fishing structurally to determine the number of rods you should use and how to array them, as well as a primer concerning which lures work well and why, how to arrange them by their tendencies for maximum efficiency between one another, rod positioning, boat handling, slow and fast trolling techniques, better use of drag and mind-boggling loads more.

Trolling for musky is one of the more productive means of fishing for these freshwater apex predators. You can cover more area far more effectively than you can by casting musky lures. But one of the terminal mistakes many musky anglers seems to make is how rigidly they define “trolling” in their own angling: it almost certainly requires a standard set of line spread often numbering into 7-8 rods at once. While the ability to create “trolling spreads” is valuable at times, the array of the presentations itself can leave an angler unwieldy in their ability to troll more refined elements such as subtle breaklines or offer the ability to make drastic speed and direction changes with the motor that can often determine the difference between success and failure.

This In The Spread musky fishing video offers a more insightful look at what the nature of “trolling” truly is and how it isn’t as static, rigid, or disengaging from angling that some seem to accuse it of being. While the mechanics of trolling seem to be overcomplicated more often than not, the artistry of what you can do with trolling is rarely explored because of this mindset.

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