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Florida Largemouth Bass Fishing Video

Fishing largemouth bass over deep water structure in Florida seems disparate. However, Florida is loaded with manmade lakes that are the by-product of abandoned mine pits and dig out areas that were used for phosphate mining and road construction. These are not your typical 2-5 foot lakes that populate the state. What you have are very large bodies of water that range from 20-40 and sometimes up to 60+ feet in depth. Over several decades, these deep water lakes have developed into thriving big largemouth bass fishing holes. They can be tough to figure out. Fish can be anywhere.

This video is about fall time methods for fishing offshore structure. In The Spread instructor Nick Kefalides breaks down what the fish are relating to at depth. He will cover the water column in search of big bass. You will gain a unique perspective on why at various depths you will find ideal deep water habitats that fish rarely leave. Nick will explain how the thermocline creates a comfort zone for bass where you find ideal oxygen levels, water temperatures, current, and large schools of bait fish.

Deep water structure can be categorized by anything from brush piles, deviations in the bottom, drop offs, ledges and humps. Anything that bass relate to like contour lines, lay down trees or rubble piles qualifies. Nick will explain how he uses his graphs and down imaging as he drives to locate fish in 20-40 feet of water.

Targeting largemouth bass that are relating to this offshore structure requires patience and perseverance. Capt. Nick Kefalides will use a variety of different fishing techniques to trigger bites from relatively inactive fish. He will utilize baits like Texas rig worms, crank baits, spinner baits, jerkbaits to get down to the bottom and try and entice these fish to strike.

We are fishing on a full moon just following a cold front. The wind is steady, so the fishing is not ideal. Going against conventional wisdom, we will test the theory that big fish will not bite under these conditions. Watch and gain some valuable knowledge, so the next time you have a chance to fish for largemouth bass over deep water structure, you will be better prepared.

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