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jigging smallmouth bass in the spread fishing video
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Smallmouth Bass Fishing Jigging

Scott Lewis is an educated biologist and a lifelong fisherman. His depth of knowledge and understanding of aquatic ecosystems affords him a unique perspective when it comes to river bass fishing and in particular smallmouth bass. Scott takes the time to snorkel river shoals to investigate what insects, bait fish and freshwater crustaceans populate an area he wants to fish. He records what fish species he sees and takes note of their behavior. He uses all of this when he returns to target a given species. Scott Lewis is an excellent instructor for In The Spread bass fishing videos. He is an unassuming easy going guy and sort of soft spoken. But, the guy is wicked smart. He knows what smallmouth bass feed on throughout the year and where they like to set up shop. This can all be traced back to his time swimming in the rivers.

Scott primarily fishes the waters of Eastern Tennessee for smallmouth bass, stripers, trout and muskie. He is comfortable using both fly fishing or conventional tackle.

When it comes to fishing rivers for smallmouth bass, Scott is well versed. What he is going to do in this fishing video is real down where he likes to target bass fish, why the fish are there and what the best way to get baits close to fish are, given the water flow. I say water flow because many of the rivers in the south are tail waters. These exist due to the creation of dams. Water is released from the dams, on a schedule generally, and this in turn raises or lowers the level of the river. Fish will behave according to the water level. Understanding how the level impacts smallmouth bass behavior can give you a huge head start on having success.

Scott gives some outstanding explanations on how the flow drives the bite. For this video, he is using tube jigs to get baits down in the churning waters just below a shoal or ledge area. You will learn what type and size jigs are being used, how to rig them a couple ways and where to present them. There are a few minor angling techniques that Scott shares that will help you get in the right places and keep from getting snagged in the rocks.

Come along as Scott Lewis works his way down a stretch of river pinpointing sort of areas you should focus on and how best to fish them. He will show you how to fish ledges, seams (where fast water meets slow), the bottom end of islands and slack water eddies. These are all great places where bass tend to hold. He will explain boat positioning, presentation theories, mistakes to avoid and tons more useful fishing tips.

Take advantage of what Scott Lewis is sharing and up your game for fishing smallmouth bass in rivers. Go with proven knowledge and fish smarter.

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