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How to Catch Muskie From a Kayak

Kayak angling for muskie is the new hot ticket item. Like so many trends, however, once it is embraced by the cox populi, it often gets riddled with the nastiness of enthusiasm in being apart of a new movement. Before it was a movement however, a few savvy individuals were utilizing the craft as a means to creatively access waters otherwise untouched and organically developed the unique skills and traits it allows for presentation. Musky angling is challenging enough as is, and while many of the finer fisheries are best accessed by paddlecraft, many jump in feet first into kayak fishing without consideration to the idiosyncrasies it entails both in advantages and challenges. One of the true pioneers of this, before it was considered something to have been “pioneered”, is Rock Island Tennessee native Jase Bouldin. This muskie fishing video features his insights on and analysis of fishing for this apex predator from a kayak.

Literally the first employee of Jackson kayaks in Sparta Tennessee, before there were any angling specific kayaks designed and marketed, he was taking his white water skills to the native musky rivers of Tennessee, catching fish few knew even existed, let alone were they targetable had they known of them to begin with. Jase brings probably more experience to the use of a kayak in the pursuit of muskellunge than anyone on the planet, so much in fact he’s been integral in the design phase of many of the top angling kayaks on the market today.

Having both an understanding of the technical aspects of the craft he used as well as the quarry he pursues with them allows Jase to demonstrate how to systematically break down a river when targeting musky, in this In The Spread fishing video. The information presented here goes far beyond just musky fishing from a kayak. Do not miss out on the kernels of knowledge about how to systematically break down and gear fish rivers. This information is muskie fishing gold for both the neophyte kayak angler, to the seasoned Esox masquinongy angler looking to expand their repertoire of tools and waters to pursue fish in.

Any musky fishermen will gain huge insights into how to “WORK” various baits from topwater, spinnerbaits and swim baits, read the river and position your vessel, whether a kayak or a boat, to take full advantage of whatever the water is offering. Jase takes you on a journey down the river explaining every detail of what he is doing and more importantly as always, why he is doing it.

Learn from the true OG Muskie kayak angler on his home turf and take his fishing tips to the bank. Always try to learn from the best of the best and fish smarter.

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