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January 06, 2021
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Swordfish videos offer a glimpse into the ocean pelagic predator's hunting habits. These videos, filmed by South Florida's tackle experts, teach fundamental swordfishing techniques and tackle. The videos cover boat driving, dropping baits, target recognition, rigging, fighting, gaffing, and gear requirements. The Daytime Swordfish Fishing video provides a comprehensive analysis of tools, tackle, and rods and reels for beginners or experienced swordfishers.

What do you want from your swordfish videos? Do you want to watch them swimming around chasing bait? I would agree, that is cool. Do you want to watch swordfish being caught? Me too. This slick ocean pelagic predator patrols the depths in search of food. Swords use the bottom topography to hide and ambush baits swimming past. They are just like trout in a stream, using the current and structure to rein hell on any fish, squid or crustacean in striking range. The ultimate question is do you want to catch swordfish and are you confident enough in your swordfishing skills to drop baits a 1000 + feet to the bottom and entice a sword to eat it? In practice, it is not really that difficult. Lots of fishermen are putting swordfish in their boats on a regular basis. If you want to learn fundamental swordfishing techniques and the tackle you need to make it happen, In The Spread swordfish videos are at your avail.

Learn From Master Fishermem

You will learn from a couple of South Florida's most sound tackle experts and swordfishing snipers. These guys have both commercial and recreational experience. They know the water and the species. We will show you boat driving, how to drop baits, get on target, recognize and react to the bite, rig swordfish baits, fight the fish to the boat, gaffing and what gear you need. It is easier than it may appear. Try your hand at daytime swordfish, bait rigging for swordfish, big swordfish tactics, hand cranking or watch our comprehensive seminar. All the knowledge you need is available with our videos. What you get is a massive exchange of swordfish fishing knowledge.

The Daytime Swordfish Fishing video presents the fundamentals of how to drive the boat, drop baits and drift baits to catch swords. Putting a bait on a target more than a 1000 feet below the surface may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Learn how to do it. There is a tackle heavy analysis that details every tool, bit of tackle and various rods and reels that can be used. If you are just getting started or want to fine tune your fishing for swordfish, this is the video to start with.

Since bait rigging is so critical, the Broadbill Swordfish Bait Rigging video shows you how to rig multiple baits for any situation. The very best swordfish anglers pay close attention to the baits that get sent down and how they are rigged to withstand the bite or bill swat of the broadbill swordfish. You will get a step by step presentation with plenty of explanation on rigging squid, ladyfish, dolphin belly, bonito, mullet and tinker mackerel. Every single ingredient needed to rig these baits is outlined.

Big Swords Require More Tactical Experience

If it is bigger fish you want to know more about, the Big Swordfish Tactics video dives deep into boat driving while hooked up to a fatty and how to manage to multi-hour battle. There are tell tale signs that will indicate whether you have a size-able fish on the line. What you do as an angler and boat driver, if you are tight with a big swordfish, determines whether you get that fish to the boat. In many ways, the guy on the wheel plays a huge part in putting that fish in the boat. This is a high level breakdown of how to fight a big swordfish from the time we get a bite, all the way to pulling it in the boat. Nothing is left out. The depth of articulation on what is happening and why equates to a master level degree in big swordfish tactics.

big swordfish being pulled into the boat

Take Your Knowledge to the Next Level

If you are intrigued by fighting swordfish using a manual hand cranked reel, the Broadbill Swordfish Hand Crank Fishing video shows you everything you need to know. Not every angler wants to use an electric reel and prefer the more sporting means of battling these gladiators of the deep. In principle, the techniques are very similar. It is just how you drop the bait with the break away weight that differs. You will see how to do just that.

Our Swordfish Seminar video is a 2 hour in-depth presentation on elements of all the aforementioned swordfish videos. Filmed at one of the premier tackle shops in all of South Florida, you will get discussion on rods and reels, tackle, rigs, baits, on the water technique and more. The audience is filled with very experienced anglers, asking very heady questions. All the answers are available for you to learn from.

Our collection of swordfish videos makes it all attainable. All of are videos take a class room approach to teaching and then take you out on the water for the application and demonstration of the techniques. You will see the bites. You will hear the how's and why's of the battle. You will see fish boated. These videos are incredibly detailed and super comprehensive.

Watch and learn more now with In The Spread!

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