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Oct 27, 2020

Seth Horne | Fishing Videos

Seth Horne is the founder, producer and lead instructor at In The Spread. Even though you may not see him in most of the sport fishing videos ITS releases, he is intimately involved in all aspects of their productions. Seth is the driving force behind developing the criteria to be covered in each video. Often times he is on the road by himself filming with the team of instructors In The Spread works with. So, if he is not doing the actual filming, he is fishing and the camera is not on.

The premise behind the teaching, articulating and sharing of fishing knowledge that is the core of what In The Spread provides began with a couple of simple lure rigging videos years ago. It was in or around 2005 when Seth Horne started filming his pursuit of marlin on the Pacific coast of Central America. The first video he ever released was the rigging trolling lures video he filmed in Costa Rica. That video went on the be the highest rated and most viewed video on the Marlin Magazine website, back when they allowed folks to upload videos to their site. It was then he realized his curiosity was held by many other fishermen. If Seth was interested in learning more, many others were too. This was the genesis of In The Spread.

There really were not very many, if any, fishing videos that focused on sharing knowledge, teaching tactics and techniques in the early 2000's. The ability to create a video platform of your own was non-existent. This did not discourage Seth. It motivated him to create a one-stop shop for fishermen interested in pure learning. The watch me catch fish format that all the shows put out left much to the imagination. It was this catalyst that drove Seth to seek out the best fishermen he could and get them to share their expertise on film. This way, fishermen the world over could learn how some of the world's great fishermen went about catching fish. As Seth Horne says “if you are going to learn something, you want to learn from the best. It doesn't matter what your interest, find the best, most accomplished person you can and learn everything possible from them. Most folks that are at the top of their field are willing to share their knowledge. All you have to do is ask.”

Let's take a look back and trace the roots of the fishing passion that lives in Seth Horne. He started fishing farm ponds and rivers in Missouri at about 2 years old. Things really picked up when his family moved to a golf course community and he started bass fishing the lakes on ponds around the course. At about 10 years of age, Seth started traveling with his father to places like Louisiana, Florida, Alabama and Ontario. His eyes were opened to North America's sport fishing bounty. After university, he traveled to Hawaii and had his first real blue water experience with big game. Giant tuna, dolphin and spearfish drew him further into the world of sport fishing. Once Seth left his corporate job and started pursuing big game around the world, the fuse was lit and In The Spread came to be. His travels took him to Mexico, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Madeira, Kenya, Nova Scotia, Dominican Republic, Anguilla, Australia, Thailand, Angola, throughout North America and many other places. Seth has fished in every Ocean and with some truly remarkable fishermen.

With In The Spread, Seth Horne has sought out captains, anglers, guides and salts of all order as subject matter experts to teach and share their experience and vast knowledge of the waters and how fish behave. Many of the videos Seth puts together are well over an hour in running time. For him, there is no time limit on teaching. If you want to know how to fish better, you should be willing to invest the time necessary to get better. You sure as hell don't get there with half measures. You can rest assured Seth Horne will drill as far into a subject as possible. His passion covers both freshwater and saltwater with emphasis on the top species from both.

The formula Seth Horne put together with In The Spread continues to help fishermen obtain the knowledge they are looking for and satisfy that burning curiosity to know more. Fishing can be both easy and difficult. If you are the type of fisherman that wants to know more about catching the fish that you already target or are looking to learn about a new game fish, Seth Horne and In The Spread have a robust library to quench your thirst for more information.

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