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April 22, 2021
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Captain Justin Nguyen, a renowned fly fisherman, possesses an innate ability to catch fish in any situation. Born in Vietnam, he grew up fishing on the Great Mekong River system. Despite being a soccer player, he rediscovered his passion for fishing and eventually pursued a career in fly fishing. Nguyen's passion for water has led him to create various art forms, including tattoos and marine art.

Over the course of my life, I have gotten to know a great many fishermen. Amongst all those wonderful people, a few individuals really stand out. This select group is made up of guys that you could take anywhere and they will be catching fish in short order. They have a certain knack for catching fish. They are just fishy. No matter the conditions, no matter the circumstances, when others are struggling, these are the fishermen that will always catch fish. For the most part, this skill is not learned, it is innate. Captain Justin Nguyen is one of those guys. He can look at a spot and know exactly where a fish will be holding and what it will take to trigger a bite. It could be Florida peacock bass, steelhead trout in the upper midwest, salmon, largemouth bass, bullseye snakehead or any number of tropical exotic species, Justin is nailing them on fly or light tackle. Check him out at Cast a Line Fly Charters.

Justin Nguyen grew up in Vietnam fishing behind his families home on a branch of the Great Mekong River system. This river system is made up 9 rivers called the Cuu Long or River of 9 dragons. This is a rich and vibrant aquatic environment. It is both big and challenging. To master this river takes focus and dedication. Both of which Justin possesses. He taught himself to fish with a simple bamboo rod, soaking up every bit of knowledge along the way. Justin is very much a self starter. Hard work and a positive attitude are traits he carries with him to this day.

Having moved to Chicago from Vietnam, with his family, Justin fell in love with soccer and was consumed with the sport. He came very close to becoming a pro. He was destined to go far and play on the US national team, wanting to become the first Vietnamese player to play in the World Cup, but injury sidelined this goal. His best friend and teammate went on to play 4 World Cup games for the US ( Brian McBride). Never one to allow a setback to stop him, Justin Nguyen found himself being drawn back to the water. He set his sights on becoming an accomplished fly fisherman. All the while that Justin was fine tuning his fishing, he was also working on his art. Starting out as teen doing portraits, Justin soon found himself doing tattoos and marine art. No matter what he does, there seems to be a water theme involved. I guess he is just a waterman at heart.

His journey toward becoming a successful fishing guide started after he saw a couple fly anglers hook and land 2 massive steelhead. With eyes wide open, Justin set out to teach himself how to fly fish. He went to Basspro bought a fly kit and some instructional videos. He watched and practiced fly casting with an unbending focus. Three days later, Justin caught his first steelhead on fly. That fish weighted 11.5 lbs. A few short months later, he start putting friends on fish. Boom. It was then that a friend suggested he start guiding. Without even knowing what guiding was all about, he did some research, had business cards made and "Fly Angling Adventure" was created. With clients starting to stack up, Justin changed the name of his business to “Trail Creek Guide Service".

Over the next decade, Justin developed himself into an expert centerpin and fly caster. Blessed with the ability to fish nearly every day, Justin honed his knowledge of both the local waterways and fishing techniques. Justin's dedication to being the best allowed him to master the tricky steelhead of the small Indiana tributaries. Hey, and since he couldn't be the first Vietnamese soccer player to play in the World Cup, he became the first Vietnamese Ambassador to the sport of fly fishing.

The passion he has for fishing assures anyone fishing with him of a successful fishing trip any time of the year. Many anglers came to Steelhead fishing and salmon fishing or learned effective fishing techniques, including centerpin float fishing because of Justin Nguyen. Many of those that have had the pleasure of fishing with Justin will say that with what he taught them that they are a step closer to pro level fishing.

You never know what direction life will take you or what circumstances will drive your decisions. Some of those life experiences are unfortunate. It was just that, an unfortunate family tragedy that found Justin selling his hugely successful guiding operation and moving his beautiful family to South Florida. Once he arrived in sunny Florida, Justin set about starting up his next business venture. This time it was a restaurant. If you didn't know, Justin Nguyen is also a master chef. I mean, what doesn't Justin master. As if fate was meddling again, the restaurant venture fell through and Justin was once again pulled back in the fishing world. Diving providence perhaps, who knows. It does seem as if fishing is his destiny. And, with that, Cast A Line Fly Charters came to be.

The early days of fishing skinny streams with tight pockets requiring super technical casting and

strategic bait presentations targeting freshwater apex predators enabled Justin Nguyen to thrive in the greater Miami fishing environment. Casting flies and lures through, around or under vegetation adapted well to the urban fishing jungle of South Florida. Peacock bass fishing takes place in the maze of canals and waterways cut to channel freshwater from the swamps out to the ocean. Replete with overgrown vegetation and a mishmash of trees, the peacock bass fishery in Florida presents many challenges for even the most highly skilled angler. Justin makes it accessible to all. His easy going approach to sharing and teaching his technical expertise will put fish on the end of anyone's line.

It is Justin's knack for knowing where fish will stage to ambush their next meal and how to trigger bites that will have you landing any number of peacock bass and other exotic fish. He is one of those guys that will always catch fish. He has a keen ability to find the right stretches of water that hold peacock bass waiting to chew your fly or lure. No matter whether you prefer fly fishing or light tackle, when you come to fish with Justin Nguyen, you will not just learn how to fish for peacock bass in Florida, you will share in his passion for life, food and the fishing experience. Knowing a little more is all the edge you need to get on fish, and enjoy your adventure. If that is what you are looking for, look no further than Cast a Line Fly Charters and Captain Justin Nguyen.

One of the most favorable traits in a fishing guide has to be patience. There is nothing more important that taking ones time to help an angler understand the dynamics of a fishery, what it takes to trigger bites and how to get tight on fish. Some guides have it and some don't. Just because you are a good fisherman does not mean you are a good guide. The key word is guide. You are guiding someone through an experience. How well you are able to share your knowledge and help others really determines your overall success, as a fishing guide. The better you are able to make the experience enjoyable, the better your long term prospects as a guide. Justin Nguyen is the consummate fishing guide. His primary focus is teaching the art of fishing and making sure his clients have a great time. He is truly an Ambassador of the sport.

Not only do his clients see how well he represents himself and the sport, but several national and international brands do also. Justin is the first international ambassador for Vietnam Fly Fishing Outfitters and Lodge, as well as being a brand ambassador for Cortland Line and Reilly Rod Crafters. He is a Pro Guide for Nautilus, Simms and Smith Optics. These companies are represented by no greater person. Compassion, a sincere humble attitude, a strong willingness to give, a big heart and what could be considered a preternatural ability to spread goodwill sets Captain Justin Nguyen apart from the vast majority of fishing guides in the world.

Allow Captain Justin Nguyen to open you eyes to the splendor of Florida peacock bass and exotic species fishing. You will walk away with a life time of memories and a great friend.

Book you trip today. Fish with Cast a Line Fly Charters (954) 681-CAST . You will be glad you did.

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