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September 21, 2020
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In The Spread offers freshwater fishing videos for those interested in big fish, largemouth bass, musky, catfish, and giants. The videos focus on planning, confidence, and patience to catch trophy fish. The team of experienced fishermen shares their knowledge, aiming to help users land fish of a lifetime. Fishing is a time-consuming and costly endeavor, so it's essential to spend wisely.

If you are searching for freshwater fishing videos then you are looking for one of two things. You are either interested in just watching other people catch big arse fish or you are after knowledge. If it is fishing knowledge that you are after then you have come to the right place. In The Spread is your one stop destination for learning about how to catch fish. Keep in mind, our focus is on the big stuff, although we do have a variety of panfish videos. Our freshwater fishing videos are created to help you catch more fish. So, if your desire is to catch more largemouth bass, musky or catfish and giants, at that, we have a hefty selection for you.

Hitting the water, especially when you are after trophy sized fish, requires plenty of planning. Anybody can go out and catch dinks. But, dinks are not what you are after, are they. You want big fish and big fish are a smidge craftier. You need a little more know how to haul is trophy fish like 50 inch musky, 10 pound bass or 50+ pound catfish. That is where we come in. We have assemble a team of fishermen that have made a reputation catching big fish and are not afraid to share every bit of their knowledge with you. At In The Spread, we want you to land that fish of a lifetime. What is required to do that? First and foremost, confidence is required. How do you get that level of confidence? You get it with knowledge. That is what we provide with In The Spread freshwater fishing videos.

Fish Smarter

There are many challenges when your goal is to catch big fish. One of the most important things to learn is patience. If you are not patient with the process, you will get frustrated. The guys that routinely bag giant fish are willing to work an area well after other fishermen have vacated the area. They know that at some point the fish will bite. What else do you have to contend with? Weather, wind, waves, current, moon phases, bait fish movements and several other variables impact the bite. Fishing is as much time and money as anything. If you are going to spend it, spend it wisely.

Over the course of my life, I have had the pleasure of fishing with some really smart and talented fishermen. I have learned so much by watching and asking questions. I realize that not everyone has the benefit of fishing with guys and gals that have achieved huge amounts of success in pursuit of big bass, big musky and big catfish. What I did was decide to film all of these folks, so you could watch and listen to some of the very best out there. They may not be household names, but their track records on the water more than proves their skill level. I want you to be able to learn what they are sharing.

Learn Species Specific Tactics

Most fishermen hit the water with the goal of catching a specific species of fish. It could be largemouth bass, musky or catfish. Shoot, you might be after panfish, trout or carp. The one thing I do with all our videos whether freshwater or saltwater, is to make every effort to focus on species specific tactics and techniques. Let's say your interest is musky. I have complied a lengthy library of musky fishing videos, so you can learn all sorts of fishing techniques and how they change throughout the year. Each video breaks down the weather and related conditions, tackle, baits and lures, seasonal fish behavior and proven presentation strategies. For any of the fish we produce videos about, we try to be as comprehensive as possible, so you can gain tons of know how. I really want you to understand what bass, musky and catfish are doing throughout the year and how best to present baits to them.

Don't get me wrong, this is not easy. If it was easy, everybody would be catching trophy fish. Again, time and patience are required. With the right skill set and confidence, you are far better prepared than the average angler. One of the key elements that all our instructors stress is having a solid plan. When you know what fish are doing when it is hot or cold, you will know how to target them. When you know how seasonal transitions effect fish behavior, you will know when the bite is going to be more conducive for catching big fish. Another very important factor that all of our instructors hammer on is understanding structure and how it influences fish behavior. This is huge.

Bait and Tackle Knowledge

Having the right bait and tackle is critical to this game, as well. You do not necessarily need the most expensive gear, but quality stuff makes a difference. There is so much tackle out there. How do you know where to start. Our guys will give you the inside perspective on what they use and why. Why is the most important aspect. They will also discuss the benefits of not doing what the “industry” says you should do. There is crossover application for bass bait for musky and vice versa. The key take away is to find good quality baits and learn how to use them. With this bait and tackle, rigging it properly can be the difference between landing a giant and watching it swim away. You will learn a wide variety of rigging techniques, so you will be ready for any situation.

The single most important thing I can say about catching more and bigger fish is to learn. Continue to learn. Never stop. Work on improving your fishing skills and your overall species knowledge. I hope our freshwater fishing videos help you become a better fisherman.

Seth Horne In The Spread,
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