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January 28, 2022
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In The Spread aims to transfer knowledge from skilled fishermen to help users catch a variety of species. Their holistic approach covers catching species throughout the year, providing information on baitfish migrations, water column holding, and rigs. The videos help users build a foundation of sound fishing skills and adapt to changing situations, accelerating their learning curve.

When it comes to fishing videos, our soul purpose, at In The Spread, is the transfer of knowledge from highly skilled fishermen to you. We differentiate ourselves by bringing together a collective of revered fishermen adroit at catching a whole host of species, so you have a broad range of fishing videos to choose from. The more perspective, more experience and more knowledge we can offer you, the better your learning opportunity. Our approach is holistic, in that we want to cover catching a given species throughout the year, not just during peak season. If you have information on seasonal and environmental changes in a fishery, you will be well versed on baitfish migrations, where in the water column fish are holding, what rigs work best during various times of the year, are the fish even there during the spring, summer, fall and winter. The bigger picture we are able to provide, the better your situational awareness.

In The Spread fishing videos provide you the knowledge. From there, the hard work you put in to master the associated skills determines the amount of success you achieve. Rest assured, we only work with the very best fishermen, to curate the highest quality knowledge, so that the fishing videos we publish can be counted on to help you catch fish.

The one key question you have to ask yourself about your fishing is, do you want to just get by or do you want to thrive. Our mission is to help you build a foundation of sound fishing skills, so you can thrive and then open your thinking with the breadth of perspective we offer.

One of the toughest things for fishermen to deal with is finding ways to adapt as situations change. If you don't know how to shift your thinking when the bite fades or conditions change, it can be frustrating. The benefit derived from using our fishing videos to accelerate your learning curve comes from the depth of experience each of our instructors possesses and are willing to share.

Being a good fisherman starts with good fundamental training. Good training starts with good trainers. We work with some of the best fishermen, so the training your receive will translate into catching and not more of the same. Everyone one of the instructors on In The Spread can be counted on to be a subject matter expert. One of our main teaching pillars is that if you are going to learn, learn from the very best.

A great way to learn is having highly skilled professionals share their experience through demonstration and the explanation of why. We don't just give it to you once, we articulate methods and techniques over and over again.

We pride ourselves on being an open forum for learning, encouraging a free flowing exchange of ideas. That goes for the fishermen who offer their instruction in our fishing videos. No matter how much experience or success any of them have, they are not afraid to have their thinking challenged. Humility is what makes a great fishermen.

There are lots of ways to catch fish, ours is one. We will never tell you this is the only way. What we will do is challenge your thinking with thought provoking or alternative ideas. We want you to take what you learn with our fishing videos and morph it into your own style. Constant improvement is the only to stay ahead.

Fish behave differently at different times of the year. How do you know which bait or lures to use in what size and color, as air and water conditions change? It is all in your level of experience. Some fishermen just have more time on the water chasing fish. Do you have that kind of time? Think about this, you only begin to formulate a sound understanding of what drives behavioral changes in fish by spending countless hours on the water season after season for years. Then you become wise with fishing knowledge.

So, what is it that you are interested in learning? Is it how to rig offshore trolling lures, live or dead bait, matching hook size to lure size or rigging terminal tackle? Are you focused on how to catch a specific species? By taking advantage of the knowledge we are transferring in our fishing videos, you are committing to a higher level of fishing success.

Maximize your potential. Learn from other great fishermen. It really doesn't matter what you do in life, problems emerge when you stop learning. Have the humility to understand that you don't know much of anything, no matter your level. Learning should never stop.

Watch and learn with our fishing videos and then get out on the water and earn it.

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