Fishing for Stripers in Tennessee

September 07, 2018
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Todd Asher, a seasoned angler, has mastered catching striped bass below Melton Hill Dam in eastern Tennessee. The Tennessee Valley Authority's damming of rivers has created deep waters, abundant structures, channels, and flats, making eastern Tennessee a world-class fishing destination. Dam boils, where large volumes of water pour through the dam, attract striped bass, but fishing in these can be deadly. Asher shares his knowledge on boat handling, angling, and bait selection, emphasizing safety as a priority.

In the heart of the American South, where the Cumberland Plateau meets the Appalachian Mountains, lies a freshwater angler's paradise. A place where the striped bass, colloquially known as stripers, thrive in the deep, cool waters of Tennessee's lakes and rivers. This is a tale of adventure and skill, of man versus nature, and of the thrill that comes with fishing for striped bass in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Valley, with its myriad of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, is a haven for stripers. These waters, teeming with big fish, offer anglers a variety of ways to present baits and lures. Among the most exhilarating and challenging of these is fishing the massive spillways, where the water churns with life and danger alike.

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One name stands out among the many who have mastered these waters: Todd Asher. A seasoned angler, Asher has honed his skills over the years, making the daunting task of catching striped bass below the formidable Melton Hill Dam seem almost effortless. His knowledge and expertise are invaluable to those who wish to follow in his wake.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, or TVA, has played a significant role in creating this angler's paradise. By damming rivers across the state, they have flooded the land, creating deep waters, abundant structures, channels, and flats. This, coupled with a steady current and a wealth of forage food, has resulted in some of the best freshwater striped bass fishing in the United States. Indeed, eastern Tennessee is a world-class fishing destination, as the records will attest.

Among the many striper fishing options available, one stands out for its thrill and danger: dam boils. These occur when large volumes of water pour through the dam, attracting bait and churning up nutrient and oxygen-rich water. The result is a boil, akin to the base of a waterfall, where striped bass gather to feast on stunned bait fish. The challenge for the angler is to safely approach the spilling water, cast their bait into the rough water, and let the current carry them downstream. The action is fast and steady, but not without its risks.

Captain Todd Asher, a respected guide in this area of Tennessee, is a master of this style of fishing. His approach, honed over years of experience, is subtle yet effective. But he is not complacent. His thirst for knowledge remains unquenched, and he is always eager to learn more about the species he pursues.

However, Asher is quick to caution that fishing in the dam boils can be deadly. Safety must always be the first priority. The volume of water pouring through the spills creates a powerful hydraulic force that can easily capsize a boat. The danger is real, and it is not to be taken lightly.

Despite his two decades of experience targeting giant stripers, Asher believes he still has much to learn. His mind is open, always seeking new insights about the species. It is with this spirit of humility and curiosity that he shares his tactics and techniques for Tennessee striper fishing.

From the rods and reels to the striper fishing rigs and striped bass bait that gets bites, Asher is a wealth of knowledge. His advice on boat handling, angling, and thought processes is invaluable to those who wish to learn from one of the best.

So, if you're wondering how to catch striped bass in Tennessee, or what bait to use for striped bass, or even when to fish for striped bass, look no further. The wisdom and experience of Todd Asher are at your disposal. But remember, always make safety your first priority. After all, you're not just fishing for striped bass; you're fishing for the thrill of the catch, the beauty of nature, and the memories that will last a lifetime.

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