Fishing for Stripers in Tennessee

September 07, 2018
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Todd Asher, a seasoned angler, has mastered catching striped bass below Melton Hill Dam in eastern Tennessee. The Tennessee Valley Authority's damming of rivers has created deep waters, abundant structures, channels, and flats, making eastern Tennessee a world-class fishing destination. Dam boils, where large volumes of water pour through the dam, attract striped bass, but fishing in these can be deadly. Asher shares his knowledge on boat handling, angling, and bait selection, emphasizing safety as a priority.


  • Tennessee's Striped Bass Fishing Landscape: Explores the freshwater environments of Tennessee, ideal for big striper fishing.
  • Todd Asher's Expertise: Chronicles the skills and experiences of Todd Asher, a seasoned angler renowned for his ability to catch big striped bass.
  • Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA): Discusses the role of TVA in creating ideal fishing conditions.
  • Dam Boils Fishing: Describes the thrilling and dangerous technique of fishing in dam boils, favored for catching large stripers.
  • Safety in Striper Fishing: Emphasizes the importance of safety when fishing in challenging conditions like dam boils.
  • Techniques and Tips: Offers insights into effective striper fishing tactics, including gear and bait recommendations.

In the heart of the American South, where the Cumberland Plateau meets the Appalachian Mountains, an angler's paradise unfolds. The deep, cool waters of Tennessee's lakes and rivers are a haven for the elusive striped bass, also known as stripers. This narrative delves into the world of striper fishing in Tennessee, a journey filled with adventure, skill, and the sheer thrill of battling nature's own.

Striped Bass Fishing Dam Boils

The Haven for Freshwater Stripers

The Tennessee Valley, a mosaic of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, offers a rich habitat for striped bass. Anglers here find themselves in a world teeming with big fish, providing diverse opportunities to present baits and lures. One of the most exhilarating challenges is fishing the massive spillways, where life and danger churn in the turbulent waters.

The Mastery of Todd Asher

Among the seasoned anglers of these waters, Todd Asher's name resonates with respect. Asher has perfected the art of catching striped bass in daunting environments like the Melton Hill Dam. His expertise and knowledge are a guiding light for those aspiring to master these waters.

The Role of the TVA

The Tennessee Valley Authority has been instrumental in creating this fishing paradise. By damming rivers across the state, they have sculpted a landscape of deep waters, abundant structures, and a steady current, all contributing to some of the best freshwater striper fishing in the U.S.

The Thrill of Dam Boils Fishing

Fishing in dam boils stands out for its thrill and inherent danger. These boils, created by large volumes of water gushing through the dam, attract striped bass in droves. The challenge for the angler is to navigate these turbulent waters safely while capitalizing on the frenzied feeding of the stripers.

The Wisdom of Captain Todd Asher

Captain Todd Asher, a revered guide in Tennessee, has honed a subtle yet effective approach to this style of fishing. His ongoing quest for knowledge about striped bass is a testament to his dedication and respect for the species.

Safety: The Foremost Priority

Asher emphasizes that safety is paramount when fishing in dam boils. The powerful hydraulic forces at play can be treacherous, making awareness and caution critical.

Learning from a Master

Asher's two decades of experience in targeting giant stripers have made him a repository of valuable knowledge. From the selection of rods and reels to the intricacies of boat handling and angling tactics, his insights are invaluable for anyone seeking to excel in Tennessee striper fishing.

In Conclusion

For those seeking the thrill of catching striped bass in Tennessee, the wisdom and experience of Todd Asher are an invaluable resource. But remember, in this pursuit of the big striper, safety always comes first. It's about more than just fishing; it's about embracing the beauty of nature and creating memories that last a lifetime.

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