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top big muskie lures in the spread fishing video cory allen
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Best Big Lures for Musky Fish

This Top Baits and Lures fishing video features In The Spread instructor Cory Allen sharing a few of his favorite big lures for muskie fishing. While there are no absolutes, and he is a huge proponent of exploring every aspect of the size control range for trophy muskellunge, the inherent default of conventional musky tackle is definitively and superlatively brobdingnagian…in other words, if your lures ain’t big, ya might as well go home. While nothing could be further from the truth, the breadth and variety of musky baits on the spectrum over 8” and beyond is by far the most perplexingly varied. Yet even amongst this bevy of buxom baits, there are subtle nuances to some that make particular tools definitively stick out from the context.

Not only will you gain a hands-on presentation of a selection of specific baits ranging from glide baits to twitch baits to crankbaits to “rubber” in this muskie fishing video, but you’ll be introduced into how you too can critically analyze baits properly to understand what justifies their qualities against some of their ilk, as well as a contrasting discussion of their inherent limitations as well.

Cory Allen is a fisherman that is way outside the box in his thinking about musky and how to choke every ounce of performance out of a bait. He spends more hours than is sane breaking down how various baits can be made to trigger bites. Take his fishing tips on big lures for musky fishing to the bank and fish smarter.

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