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  • Best Big Lures for Muskie with Cory Allen

    2018, Muskie - Best Big Lures with Cory Allen

    Muskie fishing is a sport of extremes, with both smaller and larger muskies. In this In The Spread fishing video, Cory Allen showcases better Brobdingnagian baits for musky anglers, emphasizing their size as an asset. Allen's unique skills in understanding fish behavior and enhancing bait storage can help fish smarter.

  • Musky | Catch This Apex Predator

    2023, Musky - Catch This Apex Predator

    A musky, a large predatory fish native to North America, is a member of the pike family and is known for its slender body and sharp scales. Found in cold lakes and streams, they are aggressive predators that feed on other fish, birds, and small mammals. Muskie are apex predators, controlling prey populations and maintaining ecosystem balance. They are highly sought after by anglers.

  • Cory Allen with a healthy Muskie - the Freshwater Apex Predator

    2021, Muskie Fish - Freshwater Apex Predator

    The muskie fish, also known as the ski, musky, or muskellunge, is a mythical and devoted fish among anglers. Cory Allen, a musky fishing savant, teaches the importance of understanding depth and speed in catching muskie. He focuses on predictable routes between deep and shallow water, incorporating knowledge of the topography beneath the surface.

  • Muskie Fishing Channel Flats with Cory Allen

    2018, Muskie Fishing Channel Flats with Cory Allen

    Cory Allen, a respected musky fishing expert, offers a masterclass in decoding the complexities of southern Tennessee reservoirs. He teaches strategies for selecting the right lures, understanding muskie fish behavior, and triggering bites. Allen's approach is grounded in scientific principles, fostering organic thinking and creative problem-solving. By learning how to think, anglers can approach musky fishing from a new angle, ensuring their next trip is a success.