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trolling topwater musky lures in the spread cory allen fishing videos
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Trolling Topwater Musky Lures

Who doesn't like the surface detonation of a big muskie crushing a topwater lure? Well, at times that "detonation" is more of a figment of our imagination. Some of the biggest fish will just come up a nip the trailer hook and disappear with the lure. If you are not watching, you may never see it happen. When you take into consideration really big fish behave, you may need something super slow pulled a long way to trigger a bite.

This In The Spread muskie fishing video features Cory Allen talking trolling topwater musky lures. He will dissect the more subtle nuances of some of the baits you can fish slow. At times, big muskie won't react to a fast or even medium fast presentations or you will need a exceptionally long runway that casting does not allow for.

Trolling, in essence, is just like making a cast of infinite length. If you have trolled enough, you will attest to the fact that a lot of bites come on the turn when the baits slow down for a brief moment before picking up speed again. What is this about? When dealing with bigger fish where you can only get their attention with some of the more subtle topwater presentations, the one problem you have to address when casting is not having enough runway. That is where trolling comes into play.

Cory Allen is going to discuss why bigger fish only respond to really slow presentations and how you can capitalize on that with trolling. He will profile several of what he considers the better topwater musky lures for operating under really slow speeds. Long and slow wins the game, at times. You need to be prepared for when this may be the only thing that will work.

Knowledge is the key to success. Go with a quiver packed with the right knowledge. Fish Smarter.

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