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    Trolling Topwater Musky Lures with Cory Allen

    2019, Muskie - Trolling Topwater Lures with Cory Allen

    Muskie fishing can be challenging when trying to catch big fish. Slow trolling is a technique that can trigger a reaction, especially when dealing with bigger fish. Cory Allen, a renowned musky hunter, has made a name for himself by experimenting outside the conventional box and using slow trolling. He shares his techniques, lures, and tips for setting up a spread and managing speeds. By learning from the best, you can increase your success and become a more successful musky hunter.

  • Topwater Musky Lures with Cory Allen

    2019, Muskie - Slow Topwater Lures with Cory Allen

    The surface bait lineup in musky angling is often overlooked, but it can be effective for larger fish. In this video, Cory Allen discusses topwater musky lures and their "fish catching ability" and their nuanced controls. He also emphasizes the importance of slow working, as slow lures may not be enough. By focusing on their minimal actions, anglers can learn from the best and become smarter in their musky angling.