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  • Catfishing Heavy Current Techniques

    2020, Catfish - Techniques for Heavy Current

    Catfishing dam spills offers opportunities to catch impressive catfish in cooler months. However, dealing with heavy current and spill rates is challenging. Tennessee angler Marc Cooper shares his tips on positioning and anchoring boats in heavy current, using fresh bait, and catching big fish. By following his methodology, anglers can improve their fishing skills and catch big catfish.

  • Targeting Trophy Flathead Catfish

    2019, Flathead Catfish - Trophy Fish with Scott Manning

    When targeting giant catfish, the change of seasons is a good time to fish. As fall and summer fade, water cools, causing a metabolic shift in freshwater predator behavior. Flathead catfish, like bears, are more aggressive as they fatten up, preparing for hibernation.

  • Featured
    How to Catch Flathead Catfish

    2019, How to Catch Flathead Catfish

    Capt. Scott Manning is a top North American fisherman known for targeting giant flathead catfish in the Tennessee River system. His video, "In The Spread," teaches you how to catch big cats with patience and follow cat fishing techniques. Manning shares his program, electronics, transition areas, depths, catfish rig, baits, and tackle. By selectively targeting hogs and waiting them out, you can catch big catfish and become a more skilled fisherman.

  • Catfishing Best Techniques

    2018, Blue Catfish - Best Techniques

    Capt. Scott Manning specializes in catfishing in the Tennessee River system, targeting giant blue and flathead catfish. In this In The Spread video, he shares techniques for drag, drift, and anchor fishing, including bait selection, boat driving, catfish demon dragon lure, and spread setup.

  • Flathead Catfish caught by Seth Horne

    2021, Flathead Catfishing - Catch More Cats

    The musky and flathead catfish are highly effective ambush predators in freshwater systems, known for their coloration, stealthy abilities, speed, and viscous attack. They consume almost any other fish in their domain, making traditional stinky baits ineffective. Catching trophy flathead catfish requires pinpointing singular fish and finding good points of structure, which can be achieved through topographical charts, bottom scanning, and water fishing.

  • Catfishing Techniques - Scott Manning

    2020, Catfishing Techniques - Scott Manning

    Scott Manning, a seasoned catfisher, has gained fame for his expertise in the Tennessee River system. The waterways were created by the Tennessee Valley Authority's dams in the 1930s, creating a diverse fish habitat. Manning leverages his fishing skills and down-to-earth demeanor to navigate the catfishing techniques, leveraging the predictable water movement and bait aggregation points.