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Spinner Bait Jigging for Musky

This In The Spread muskie fishing video with Cory Allen is showcasing how jigging spinner baits, two words that usually are at least 8-10 words apart in a sentence, is a super productive muskie fishing technique for a variety of conditions and seasons. It allows for a lateral presentation to be made with a Y-axis element of lift and fall for control on both ends of the spectrum, and yes, while vertically jigging spinnerbaits is effective too, we also illustrate how hybridizing casting and jigging presentations with these types of lures is particularly effective.

Musky fish are known to suspend at various depths in the water column and not move for much that is above of below them. So, “Do Not” spend your day retrieving or trolling your lures past neutral fish with no results. Fish more of the water column by using vertical jigging and “lateral jigging” techniques that any musky cannot resist due to the absolutely incredible variation of the control spectrum that can be implemented within a single retrieve, while never losing control or having the bait figuratively “out of play”.

Cory brings an impressive freshwater fishing tool box to the water, whenever he is hunting muskellunge. He will try a multitude of methods when the fish are not active, in order to score more bites. He is not shy about sharing his muskie strategies and tactics. See how even he learned something new, in the making of this video. Learn how using musky spinnerbaits to trigger neutral fish will score you more hook-ups. The devil is truly in the details, and this video shows just how detail oriented these toothy devils can be at times. Watch and learn. Cory did.

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