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Musky Fishing in Deep Rivers

Two of the South's premier musky fishermen, Cory Allen and Scott Lewis, teamed up to share with you how they systematically break down a deep river, in this muskie fishing video. Cory is by all accounts a master lure tactician, the Tennessee Valley Muskie Authority, and one of the things he knows really well are rivers, deep rivers, reservoirs, dams and locks. He has a heavy download of intel for you with this In The Spread Wintertime Muskie Fishing video. Scott Lewis joins Cory to share some of his super low key fly fishing mojo. This guy is a killer. He has been fishing the eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina for many years and what he has to show you about fly fishing for wintertime muskie is very interesting.

This is a wintertime muskie fishing video and it is also pre-spawn. Muskellunge in this deep southern river system start their spawn in the middle of winter. You can do the obvious thing and throw musky lures or flies at the bank as you drift down. You will catch some big fish doing this. But, what do you do when the fishing gets difficult? How do you target the less obvious parts of the river that hold tremendous promise? The concepts in this video will help you cover more water more productively and catch some of those muskie you just floated past.

Cory and Scott will take a deep dive into what is going on in the river system, where in the channels will fish more than likely hold or travel through, while demonstrating their tactical approaches to muskie fishing. Learn how they work upstream, cross stream and downstream to maximize their coverage of the water with their presentations. You will get a heavy dose of lure dynamics from Cory. He really takes his time to discuss and demonstrate the swim characteristics each lure affords and how he works them to achieve some outstanding big fish results. Nobody in the south catches more fish and more big fish than Cory Allen. He is a mad genius when it comes to muskie fishing. Scott Lewis brings his background as a biologist to his understanding of what bait fish are predominant forage foods for muskie and how he to tie custom flies to mimic the characteristics of this baitfish.

If you are muskie fishing rivers in the winter, this video is a great source of information from two of the best. Fish more of the rivers water column by using the principles shared in this In The Spread fishing video. We hope all of this material helps you to expand your base of knowledge and be a better fisherman. Never stop learning.

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