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Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing the Spawn

In the bass fishing world, the spawn is a great time to fish and there are a few places that every serious largemouth bass fishing angler revers. Lake Guntersville is on that list. This is a lake with current that was forged by building a dam on the Tennessee River. Current, along with all the structure, is what makes the fishing so fantastic. The South is well known for having damn good trophy bass, crappie, catfish, trout and muskie fishing in there impoundments and reservoirs. Lake Guntersville fishing offers deep channels, ledge structure, feeder creeks, grass, points, islands, hard bottom and on and on. Why do you think they hold BASS tournaments there. It is just an amazing place with great lore.

Spring bass fishing on Lake Guntersville can be tricky during the periods surrounding the bass spawn. You have three different phases going on and figuring out which is happening on any given day is the first challenge. Post spawn bass have moved out into deep water on the ledges feasting on or getting ready to fatten up at the shad spawn buffet. Pre-spawn fish will be holding near structure at the mouths of feeder creeks. Spawning bass, that is fish in the act of dropping eggs or getting ready to drop, complete the trio. The key is finding which patten the fish are active in or most active in.

The guide that we like to go with is Captain Mike Gerry. Mike holds a heavy play book. He has bass fishing tips for, it seems like, every scenario. He is studied in the ways of largemouth bass behavior and the dynamics of Lake Guntersville fishing. The best part is how he articulates his every action and reason behind it with ease. Mike Gerry is a great teacher, making this all very easy for you. It is wonderful to learn from someone with such passion, so willing to share his bass fishing knowledge. Straight from the man's mouth, “As a believer in the fact that the more a person understands the movement, patterns and habits of fish the easier it is to become a seasoned fisherman. There is no doubt in my mind that knowledge is everything, it really doesn’t matter what your trying to accomplish without the basic knowledge, it’s difficult to achieve.”

For this In The Spread bass fishing video, Captain Mike Gerry is going to break down which phase he explores first and why, how to prospect each phase of the spawn to locate a nucleus of fish and which presentations work best given the different behavioral characteristics of post, pre and spawning bass. Mike will show you how he uses the shaky head rigged stick bait, D Bomb with a texas rig, some spinner bait options and swim jigs to entice bites from fish in every phase of the spawn.

This bass fishing video is loaded with real fundamental knowledge that every fisherman should hold close. Understanding the behavior of fish throughout the year and why certain patterns have heavy sway over that behavior will help you become a far more seasoned angler. Take it from a guy that has intimate knowledge of one of bass fishing best lakes, you will catch fish if you know where the fish are and what presentation is best suited to the instinctive needs.

We want to thank Captain Mike Gerry for his time and the wealth of bass fishing tips he continues to share with us.

Enjoy and get tight!

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If you want to fish with Mike, check out his Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service

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