Largemouth Bass - Fishing Techniques for Lake Guntersville

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Instructor: Mike Gerry

Lake Guntersville is known for its legendary bass fishing, with its diverse bottom topography and structure. Capt. Mike Gerry, experienced in fishing these waters, shares his knowledge on bottom topography, current flows, and seasonal bass behavior. He also shares tips for working shipping channel ledges and presenting bass effectively.

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  • Impoundment Dynamics: Impoundments offer varied topography, existing structures, creeks, springs, and shipping channels.
  • Current Influence: The amount of water pushed through the dam creates a lake and river fishing experience.
  • Lake Guntersville: A premier impoundment in the South, known for its largemouth bass fishing.
  • Fishing Captain Mike Gerry: Decades of experience in Lake Guntersville, offering insights on bass behavior, current flows, and fishing techniques.
  • In The Spread Video: Focus on targeting steep channel ledges and submerged points with tournament level knowledge.
  • Bass Fishing Insights: Understand bass staging, techniques for varying conditions, and detailed strategies using specific lures.
  • Duration: A comprehensive 105-minute presentation.
  • Other Videos: Numerous other bass fishing videos available featuring Mike Gerry and other top guides.

Dynamics of Fishing in Impoundments

Fishing in impoundments is nothing short of an adventure. The landscape beneath those waters holds a world of secrets that once existed before being submerged. Think about it: what did the topography look like before it was blanketed by forty feet of water?

The underwater world in these impoundments offers an intricate maze of cover and structure for fish. From submerged trees to rocky outcrops, there's a myriad of hiding places for fish. Add to that the creeks, springs, and the man-made shipping channels, and you're presented with a multitude of fishing options. But there's another layer to this experience - the current generated by the dam's operations. This means you're essentially fishing a lake and a river simultaneously. And if bass fishing is your game, prepare for a thrilling experience!

Lake Guntersville: A Bass Fishing Mecca

Alabama's Lake Guntersville stands out as a beacon for bass fishing enthusiasts. Recognized as one of the prime impoundments in the South, it's a sanctuary for largemouth bass. The lake's reputation is well-deserved; it consistently delivers bountiful catches of robust bass.

It's no wonder that In The Spread finds itself irresistibly drawn to this freshwater haven, especially when accompanied by fishing maestro, Captain Mike Gerry. With the lake's diverse underwater terrain and the dynamic current, it offers a plethora of options - making it a perfect place for imparting fishing lessons.

Mike Gerry isn't just any guide; he's an institution in himself. Decades of fishing in Lake Guntersville has equipped him with unparalleled knowledge about its underwater topography, the nuances of current flows, and the seasonal patterns in bass behavior. He has an uncanny ability to be at the right place, with the right bait, making bass fishing seem deceptively simple.

In The Spread: Deep Diving into Bass Fishing Techniques

Our latest video offering from In The Spread is all about targeting those elusive spots - the steep channel ledges and submerged points. It's a comprehensive guide for both novices and seasoned anglers. Whether you're a weekend hobbyist or a seasoned pro, this video is packed with tournament-level insights.

Learn from Captain Mike Gerry as he decodes the mysteries of bass behavior. He'll guide you on:

  • Predicting where the bass would stage based on factors like current, water temperature, and sun position.
  • A slew of techniques tailored for varying conditions.
  • Delving deep into his tackle, electronics, and understanding of weather patterns.
  • His unique retrieval techniques and the thought process behind every cast.

And since we're discussing swim baits and swim jigs, get ready for a crash course on bass fishing with these lures. Discover the rigs Mike vouches for, and understand the rationale behind his color choices for the season.

A Treasure Trove of Knowledge

Set aside a good 105 minutes for this presentation. Every minute is laden with tips, tricks, and strategies that can elevate your bass fishing game. As anglers, the learning curve is never-ending, and In The Spread is committed to equipping you with the best in the business.

For more such enriching content, dive into our collection of bass fishing videos. Featuring not only Mike Gerry but also other top guides from across the country, it's a repository of knowledge waiting to be explored. So, gear up, keep learning, and tight lines!

What are the key features of fishing an impoundment?

Impoundments offer a diverse topography, with structures, creeks, springs, and shipping channels. Moreover, the current generated by the dam makes it a dual experience of fishing in both a lake and a river.

Why is Lake Guntersville significant?
Lake Guntersville, located in Alabama, is renowned for its largemouth bass fishing. It is a favorite destination for many anglers, including the team from In The Spread, who often collaborate with Fishing Captain Mike Gerry.

What can one learn from the In The Spread bass fishing video?
This instructional video offers insights on how to target steep channel ledges and submerged points. It shares tournament level knowledge, making it valuable for both weekend anglers and professionals.

How long is the video presentation?
The presentation spans a comprehensive 105 minutes, ensuring viewers get a detailed understanding of the techniques and strategies discussed.

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PHILIP D KNAPP 10.19.2018


Mike Gerry

Captain Mike Gerry is an Experienced Bass Fishing Guide on Lake Guntersville with 40+ years of fishing. Mike offers expert tips, tactics, and unmatched knowledge for or audience.

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