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How to Fish for Muskie in Coves

This muskie fishing video is part of the Southern Reservoir Fishing Series from In The Spread and Cory Allen. Cory is a hard-core musky angler, writer, speaker and angling personality from Tennessee. His scientific approach and deep desire to teach freshwater fishing applications affords an incredible opportunity to accelerate your musky fishing learning curve. Watch as Cory shares how to identify and work coves in southern reservoirs.

Reservoirs can be an extreme challenge to understand and fish, especially for a fish as already inherently challenging as a muskellunge. With this video, you will learn about coves, what makes some better than others, the “interstate theorem”, and how to approach each cove as an individual entity while still understanding how it’s connectivity to the larger system justifies its qualities. These can be super productive musky fishing grounds for big fish, both resident and migrant, and each cove you encounter will have specific traits and tendencies form its roots to its tip that warrant further investigation and presentation at different times. Knowing how to work them and why can provide huge results. Keep in mind, while much of cove fishing is “sight fishing” to visible elements, many have and do miss the conical effect almost every cove inherently possesses on fish that lend them to be presented along the “Sagittal plane”, or straight down the middle, for suspended fish often several casts off shoreline.

Learn about breaking down conditions, understanding open water, analyzing topography, lure retrieval techniques and more muskie fishing tips. This is an advanced angling presentation for those who want to expand their active perception and knowledge of how fish relate to these particular areas, as well as increase your comfort in exploring the side of muskie angling that isn’t always reliant on presenting to visible objects, while also helping to identify and grade which visible shoreline warrant the most attention, how to best dissect them, and most importantly what they correlate to in the larger equation of these niche ecosystems that justify them as more integral parts of the habitat. In other words, a musky is a musky is a musky wherever it swims, but a tree isn’t a tree isn’t a tree no matter where it falls in the muskies’ domain.

The Southern Reservoir Muskie Fishing Series is a collection of working seminar style videos.

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