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How to Catch Muskie in Open Water

This In The Spread muskie fishing video features renown guide Cory Allen as he heads out to the seemingly featureless open water to demonstrate how productive these “random” spots can be. Open water muskie fishing can present challenges, but the greatest challenge it seems for most anglers is to simply be comfortable enough with the concept to try it to begin with. It’s literally the “last great frontier” of musky angling on most waters both known and unknown, due to its nature of not understanding what factors distinctly dictate how where and why muskellunge suspend, which to be blunt, many of the largest fish in any given system do the majority of their time. Using an “X and Y” axis approach to breaking down open water elements, Allen scientifically breaks down to you how to approach muskie fishing in “no man’s land”. What is open water fishing, anyway? To fish there is no open water. Fish are never the middle of nowhere and there is always a “reason” dictating why they are relating as such, usually at some type of geo intersect point. They always orient themselves off some topographical feature or ancillary from of “structure”. Learn how to recognize and break down those features, why fish suspend, where they suspend, how to target suspended fish and what lures are really useful for this type of fishing.

See how Cory utilizes a Joe Murphy safety pin spinner bait, an H20 Barbarian, an Eastfield Swimbait to effectively cover areas of the water column that might as well be the dark side of the moon to many musky anglers. The goal of this video is to grant you a level of comfort and confidence at presenting to muskies relating to things we can’t correlate directly to our eyesight but through dissection can understand that open water suspended fish really aren’t that ambiguous in nature at all.

Learn ways to effectively cover areas of “open water” with this In The Spread video.

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