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How to Catch Muskie Fish on Channel Flats

Cory Allen is a hard-core musky angler, In The Spread guide, writer, speaker and angling personality from Tennessee. His scientific approach and deep desire to teach affords an incredible opportunity to accelerate your musky fishing learning curve. Watch this muskie fishing video, as Cory shares how to fish channel flats and feeder streams both in approach and practice, preparing an operating table of tools, baits and tackle to best dissect these often times confusing types of structures that require immense visualization and surgical precision be it casting, jigging, or trolling.

These types of structure situations aren’t standard protocol for many musky anglers, as they are often endemic to southern reservoirs specifically, but harbor numbers of fish and many of the largest muskie in the system throughout the season. The fact that most of these correlate very far and very loosely from shoreline layout often leaves them unnoticed and untapped. Cory shows you how to identify subtle context cues along the shoreline and your graph that will give you insight into finding these treasure troves lying hidden in plain sight. Often times, they are so small, albeit prominent in contour, that many of the best topography charts and graphs don’t register them, yet they consistently have produced some of the largest fish in Cory’s boat over the years.

This ultra-dynamic muskie fishing video scientifically breaks down the fish and the freshwater fishing in southern reservoirs. You will learn concepts related to the musky lure size, depth, speed and action of your presentation. You will also gain keen insights on where fish shelter and why, presenting lures to neutral and negative fish and how to trigger bites. Cory will help you not only select ideal spinning and conventional tackle, but also formulate a multilateral plan of action for your next musky fishing trip.

More importantly, as is Cory’s personal mantra in approaching angling education, he wants to teach you HOW to think, not WHAT to think. The concepts behind the “what’s” and “where’s”, are all for naught without first understanding the “why’s” and “how’s”. While everything he teaches in this In The Spread video can be taken to the figurative bank (or in this case, far away from the “bank”), the underlying methodology is to ensure you know how to attack these types of situations yourself with confidence, and Cory will take the training wheels off so you don’t have the rely on static concepts and information, and allow creative consumption and organic thinking to take hold.

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