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Glide Baits for Musky with Cory Allen

This Muskie Lures Vol. 1 video from In The Spread, featuring Esox masquinongy expert Cory Allen, is the first in a series of muskie fishing videos to break down the collective best of the best lures, so you will will be more informed about what to put in your tackle box.

There’s no shortage of musky lures to choose from when pursuing muskellunge. Just skim through any catalog or website and to the newly initiated musky hunter, the sheer choices of tools available, let alone the maddening billboard marketing and affiliated price points can be more than a little overwhelming and intimidating. Yet, as your eye becomes trained, you’ll begin to see the correlating redundancies between baits of the same general shape and size. But, at first they all literally seem six and one half dozen. There is an element of “semantics” to lure selection that is creative consumption, and not simply regurgitation of what pundits are paid to tell you to think, with no regard to you understanding why you truly should.

While specific musky lures will be highlighted in this video, from spinnerbaits to glide baits to twitch baits and beyond, this video from In The Spread features musky expert Cory Allen discussing the merits of some of his favorite tools in these respective categories and the differentials used to justify the best from the rest. Cory goes into great detail on the subtle nuances that make these types of lures unique tools and then demonstrates various retrieval techniques to help you catch more muskie, as well as how to gain the confidence in your own creativity to explore new capabilities behind baits yet unexplored within just a few initial casts of one, if not by simple sight recognition upon seeing the design.

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