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Florida Top Water Bass Fishing with Nick Kefalides

There is, perhaps, nothing more exciting than bass fishing with topwater lures. Watching your lure do its dance across the surface of the water can be mesmerizing. Then, out of the blue bucket mouth explodes on the surface and it's game on. You have to love that sudden jolt of adrenaline coursing through your body. Florida bass fishing on top water gets red hot as we move past summer into the fall. Having one of the smartest Florida bass fishing guides show you how he dissects a shallow lake loaded with hyacinth and hydrilla is worth every penny. Everything looks the same on these lakes. How do you know where to start and what to use?

The whole idea behind In The Spread fishing videos is to drill as far into all aspects of a given species as the mind allows. We endeavor to work with thinking fishermen. That is, men and women that have thought about how certain species of game fish behave under almost any condition above and below the surface. They know the topography and how fish relate to it. They know what to present and at what depth. When it comes to Florida bass fishing, our objective is to dissect the state region by region, so you will have a much better perspective on how to fish for largemouth bass throughout the year on any body of water.

Capt. Nick Kefalides is a lifelong Florida fisherman. The only time he wasn't fishing is when he was doing dirty work as a Marine Corps Special Operator. For Nick, coming back to fishing saved his life. The dark place he found himself in after retiring from the military was brightened when he paid a visit to the very lake he is on in this video. One epic bass fishing day brought peace to an otherwise painful world. Once that light came on, there was no stopping him. Nick is smart. You don't get to do what he did in the military without being damn smart. He has a studied quality about his fishing. He knows the fish, their habitats, the baits and presentations to use at the appropriate time. You can feel his love for the fish. Having a chance to learn from this caliber of fisherman is a priviledge.

For this In The Spread bass fishing video, we traveled to a remote Central Florida lake with Nick to target largemouth bass using buzz baits, swim baits and frogs. The one certain thing you can count on when fishing with Nick Kefalides is that you are going to learn a lot. Man, Nick breaks down every cast, what he is doing and why. The first thing Nick does when topwater bass fishing is to probe the waters. He tries to cover as much water as possible to determine what the fish are relating to. Fan casting buzz baits allows you to quickly cover large portions of water. Once you find a pattern, you can really dial your presentations in. What is the trigger point for the bass? Nick is systematic in his approach. He is going to share the wealth with you. As much as he loves bass fishing, he also loves sharing his knowledge and experience.

Nick is wide open about how to break down a shallow water lake using topwater lures. Learn about the lures he likes, presentation theory, boat positioning, casting and retrieval methodology, how to stay weedless and his philosophy on identifying the patterns that will produce big fish for you. It is all here in this In The Spread fishing video. You will be privy to some really in- depth largemouth bass fishing knowledge. Take your time and absorb what Nick is giving up. Your fishing success is all about how much you know. So, take this opportunity to learn from one of Florida's best bass fishermen.

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