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Aug 23, 2021

How to Catch Mangrove Snapper | Fishing Videos

When discussing how to catch mangrove snapper, there is one central tenant that is common to both inshore and offshore fishing for the species and that is structure. This is a fish that never strays too far from the safety of structure. I am talking rock piles, ledges, reefs, oil platforms, wrecks, etc. Just about any hard relief, whether natural or manmade, is the domain of the mangrove snapper out to about 300 feet. The structure provides both food and protection. Many of game fish are there for the same reasons. The one characteristic that distinguishes mangos from other species is their aggressive tendencies. As soon as readily available food shows up, think you bait presentation, the mangrove snapper will more times than not be the first to show up. They will quickly get after your baits before any other fish have a chance to get their feed on. But, just as they show up, they disappear. As soon as you start catching other species, it's time to move on to the next point of structure and start over.

Our library of Snapper Fishing Videos show you exactly how to catch mangrove snapper inshore and offshore.

It really is not that hard to catch your limit, you just have to understand the rules of engagement and have an assortment of waypoints. The rules of engagement necessitate a hit and run strategy. This means you will arrive to your spot, drop baits, start catching and move on when other fish show up to the party. You will do this over and over until you are satisfied with your haul. Having a host of spots is a huge help. You never know whether someone hammered out your spot the day before or not. You also don't know how long the bite will last. So, given that moving from spot to spot is part of the game, it is important to work on developing several good areas to work. The more you have, the better off you will be.

The way we do things with our Snapper Fishing Videos and what makes them such powerful learning tools is that we work with fishermen that have a proven track record of catching a mangrove snapper from 3 feet out to 300. Take the opportunity to hone your mangrove snapper fishing skills, by capitalizing on the experience and knowledge being shared in our fishing videos.

In The Spread offers you access to inshore fishing experts and offshore fishing experts. All of our instructors have a long history of achieving high levels of success. We also like our team members to be multi-disciplined, as in being good with spinning gear, conventional and fly for multiple species. By being well versed in targeting a range of fish lends itself to having depth of experience in how fish behave. Knowing fish tendencies, tides, how fish stage with the tides, baits, lures and tackle that work well, chumming strategies, rigging techniques, boat operation, how to anchor on structure, how not to blow a fishing hole before you get started makes a fishermen a lot headier across the fishing spectrum. All of our videos feature folks that will quickly have you hammering out a mess of snapper.

The key to learning how to be a better fisherman is to learn from fishermen that are a lot more experienced that you. Our goal is to point you in the right direction and help get you on mangrove snapper and stay on them. We want to get you over the learning curve as quickly as possible. If we can help you learn where to fish and why, you will be a much smarter fisherman. The key to what we do it that we take the time to show you exactly what you need to do.

Mangrove snapper are the fish everyone likes to eat. They have a white delicate meat texture with a sweet non-fishy taste. You can prepare them almost any way. It is hard to F them up.

If you are eager to learn more about how to catch mangrove snapper, take the time to educate yourself on a variety of seasonal tactics, different baits, water depths and different types of structure. Watch our instructional videos and be a smarter fisherman.

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Seth Horne

Chief of Content

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