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Apr 8, 2020

Big Florida Bass with Nick Kefalides

The lake system of Central Florida is well known for holding some huge bass. We are talking trophy sized largemouth bass. It is not uncommon to have days where you release multiple fish in the 8-12 pound range. With hundreds of lakes accessible to fishermen, how do you know which lake to fish on any given day throughout the year? I know from personal experience, different lakes will produce sizeable fish at different times during the year. Bass fishing techniques play a big part in deciding which lakes to fish, also. The one constant is that the big bass are out there. You may just need a little edge and that is driven by your knowledge.

Capt. Nick Kefalides, of Warrior 2 Bass is one of those guys that is on big bass year round. He is first and foremost a really nice guy. Humble and willing to share his knowledge are traits that make a great fishing guide. And, he is counted among the best. Nick is very organized and super hard working. He will not let you down in his stellar service. His background is that of a Special Operations Marine Corp veteran with serious combat experience. The time he spent in the military is obvious in his disciplined approach to fishing. Everything he does is well thought out and executed to the highest degree. Nick is a fishy guy, one of those fishermen that just seems to always be on the fish.

If it is your desire to catch the trophy bass of a lifetime or to develop a better understanding of the Central Florida lake system, Nick is the bass fishing guide you need to fishing with. You will walk away from your time on the water with him a much smarter bass fisherman and with a new friend.

The Spring season is a great time to fish. Big bass are entering the spawn and their tendencies lean toward the more aggressive. The big girls are holding bellies full of eggs and have no time for baits encroaching on their beds. Reaction bites can be ferocious. The one thing you will need to know is where in the lakes the fish prefer to bed. Spring fishing is a glorious time. Nick will tell you that if you want to catch a huge bucket mouth monster bass, the Spring spawn is the time to fish. He will put you on fish.

I know from first hand experience that this is a great time to fish with Nick Kefalides. He and I have fished several lakes in the middle of the state and have always caught really nice fish. This past Spring, Nick and I hit Lake Toho and absolutely tore it up with live bait. I like fishing with Nick. His easy going seriousness means he will grind all day looking for bigger and bigger fish. He is never satisfied, which means you will won't be either. For him, there is always margin for improvement. This approach pretty much guarantees you will put super healthy largemouth bass in the boat and learn a ton about techniques and how to fish these amazing lakes.

If learning is your motivation, Nick is one of the very best to learn from. His playbook is open to you. While you can watch several outstanding instructional bass fishing videos (https://inthespread.com/bass-fishing-videos) that we have filmed with Nick and learn a load about targeting big Florida bass throughout the year, there is no substitute for getting out on the water with him.

There is no better business to patronize than that of a combat wounded veteran. If you want to land a trophy bass, give Capt. Nick Kefalides a call and book a trip of a lifetime. You will not be disappointed.

Seth Horne


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