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Best Small Lures for Musky Fish

Anglers pursuing other species sometimes catch giant muskellunge by accident at times, but the fact that the fish responded to their presentation at that time was no accident. Some of history’s largest musky catches have come by anglers pursuing bass, walleye, trout and even crappie, and the data that can be extrapolated from these “accidents” can help you generate your own giant Muskie “accidents” as well.

In The Spread guide Cory Allen swears up and down that most of his big muskie over 50” have come on baits smaller than 6” long…sometimes much smaller. While one can never be sure exactly why, Cory feels he had some insights into evolutionary biology that dictate why these catches occur particularly for larger muskies, and the folly of ignoring the things to be learned from them.

While specific baits and techniques will be discussed in-depth in this muskie fishing video, even more importantly will be the aspects of these “micro-machines” as he calls them, that should make them a staple in every musky Angler’s tackle box and repertoire. Along with that will also be some discussion concerning the best way to “nerf” your conventional musky tackle to most effectively present these lures while still maintaining the terminal tackle integrity it takes to wrangle a giant musky to the boat successfully.

It may shock you how much further Cory takes the notion of “downsizing” when it comes to pursuing the largest muskellunge possible in any system. While it may lie outside the comfort zone of most, this video will serve to help improve your confidence in the unconventional and further broaden your musky angling horizon in any season on any water. Take the fishing tips Cory is sharing with you on small lures for muskie fishing to the bank. Muskie Fishing Videos

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