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bass fishing hot weather nick kefalides in the spread video
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Bass Fishing Hot Weather Nick Kefalides

Bass fishing in hot weather, in 90 degree weather can be a real challenge, but one that you can take advantage of, if you follow the sage wisdom of Capt. Nick Kefalides. He is going to be talking and teaching about largemouth bass fishing in hot weather. We are talking about bass fishing in Central Florida, where your next cast could be a trophy fish. The summers are long and hot in the FLA. Water heats up, bass don't want to exert energy chasing something down. How do you trigger bites from big florida bass when the water is pushing 90 degrees? This typical Florida summer time pattern is one that Nick has spent a great deal of time tinkering with to come up with a proven set of tactics that continues to pay off for him. What you get in this In The Spread bass fishing video is his entire approach to locating and catching big Florida bass.

If you are not familiar with Nick Kefalides, he brings an interesting twist to his lifelong pursuit of Florida bass fishing. Nick is an elite member of the Marine Special Operations Command community, now retired. What he brought to his military career her brings to his fishing. Focus, dedication, high level awareness and an ass kicking hard work ethic are the norm. Nick takes on the Central Florida water system, how it flows, the lake contours, bait patterns, weather with an array of tactical thought and tools that consistently bags giant bass. If you follow what he shares in this bass fishing video, hot weather bass can be trophy time.

There is no doubt in any sane persons mind that Florida is blistering hot in the summer months. Nothing wants to be out in the heat of the day. The sun is baking everything, even the water. However, bass still need to eat, spawn, frolic and hammer baits. Nick will explain what the heat does to fish and how if you understand their patterns you can land some serious fish in the heat of the day, almost any day.

The year round temperate weather in Florida create conditions that allow for almost continuous growth in largemouth bass. That is why they get so big. The lake system in Central Florida is immense. As Nick will explain, a common thread in all these bodies of water is the absence of significant deep water. You will find most lakes are like shallow flat bottomed bowls. So, when he is talking about fish hold to cover when it's hot, what is he talking about? Bass and especially big Florida bass will find and stick close to structure, when the water heats up. Structure in this case is a relative term. Even in a rather anomalous body of water absent of almost any bottom contour, there is still structure. It is just a matter of how you think about it.

To share his approach to bass fishing in hot weather, Nick takes us out to Lake Toho in Kissimmee, Florida on a blistering hot August day. He discusses the lake, the type of structure that exists, how he breaks the day down and the type of presentations he makes to find fish and how long he will work a given area. Nick, as usual, makes it look real easy. The morning and evening bite is different than the mid-day bite. See what he has to share.

Lake Toho in mid-August will see fish in a typical summer time pattern. The fish are slow to move and if they do it is slowly. In the early morning or late evening, fish will be a little more active and more likely to chase crank baits or topwater lures. As the sun rises and the water temperature increases, the fish get lazy and a more finesse style presentation like a Texas rig worm or a shaky head works well. Nick is going to work his way through the day, showing you each bait he uses, explain why he is using it and catching fish along the way. His fluid explanations are insightful, dripping with wisdom that is only acquired from spending incredible amounts of time catching bass.

Nick has a way of letting the fish tell him what they want. His day starts and finishes with trying to draw fish up with surface commotion, so he will use lures that create that. Grass flats and shell beds are a sure bet to hold largemouth bass. He will progress through several baits until he finds one that works and then he will put time into casting that bait. He will look for indications of bait and target that area. If you can find bait, you can find bass. An important tip Nick shares is that what the fish wants changes daily. Yesterdays Texas rig worm bite may be a chatterbait bite today. That is why you have to work your way through several presentations, in order to find what is on the menu for the day you are on the water. Your tackle doesn't have to be loaded down with every lure in the land. What you need are a few good search baits. You will learn about those in the video.

As things heat up and fish move to cover, Nick will move to offshore grass, brush piles, shell beds and rock piles. He has studied the water and the behavior of bass throughout the year, so his keen insight is on tap for you to incorporate into your own program. You have to be open to reading the signs and be quick to adjust your offering based on what the bass are feeding on. Match the hatch, in other words.

Nick's fishing style is very efficient. He finds areas he knows hold big largemouth bass and spends time doing work there. It is interesting to see how he breaks down a given spot by working it from multiple angles. This is very important to pay attention to. There is so much to learn from Capt. Nick Kefalides. He is not shy to share his rod and reel setups, his rigs, each and every lure he uses and most importantly why he is using the gear he does. If you want to know more about bass fishing hot weather and putting trophy fish in your boat, Nick Kefalides is the guide to learn from and fish with.

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