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Spring Musky Lures with Cory Allen

This muskie fishing video features renown guide Cory Allen sharing deep insight on musky lures for spring fishing. Cory is never one to rest on laurels or be satisfied with pattern thinking, and is most comfortably way outside the box of conventional musky angling, while having a greater understanding to acknowledge why tried and true tactics work at specific times to help explore other techniques as well. Prepare to glean several kernels of knowledge from this In The Spread Early Spring Muskie Lures video.

The great thing about Cory is that he has no qualms about taking his gloves off and being hands on and no-holds-barred about sharing his knowledge on productive early spring muskie fishing. He spends a lot of time on the water analyzing muskellunge in ways brought upon by a unique background in angling, studying under some of its greatest pioneers and figureheads. He understands what makes various lures perform well above most others and how those characteristics trigger strikes. Even more importantly, whether it’s casting, trolling, or jigging, he seeks to introduce you to his way of thinking. which allowed him to illuminate from the text of the usual fare, and how you too can use the insight illustrated by this in-depth lure discussions to see your own creativity come to life both on and off the water.

With this video, you will gain keen insight into what lure styles Cory Allen uses in the early spring. See what makes each musky lure so unique, as well as understand why you should fish these selections. On top of that, he helps you understand the notion that “baits don’t catch fish; people using baits correctly catch fish” in that every lure ever created offers a different set of control thresholds within depth, speed, size, and action spectrum. This isn’t your typical lure review; this is a 401 level masterclass on recognizing the traits of lures that make them specific tools to use at specific times.

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