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How to Catch Pike in Small Lakes

Some of the best northern pike fishing in Wisconsin takes places in small nondescript lakes. These are bodies of water in the 100-200 acre range. Many of these lakes are going to be hidden gems with super healthy populations of northern pike fish. The key is finding a nice lake and one that preferably has current.

Since size and class of fish in a small body of water is limited, look for lakes that have moving water. Many of these lakes will be interconnected by creeks and rivers. This will help produce more forage. It is the introduction of current to the equation that will blow the lid off of a lakes carrying capacity. The ability for these small lakes to hold, manage and grow big fish of all species is magnified.

For this In The Spread small lake pike fishing video, Cory Allen teamed up with local ninja Steve Mortenson to show you how to fish a farm lake just off an interstate near Oshkosh for fall pike fish. Obviously, we had a little help from a local guide, but you can find these fish bowls by spending some time on Google Earth. Look around your area for smallish lakes and then go out and do some scouting. For lakes in the 200 acre range, the ideal depth is 6-8 feet. When working waters in the 100 acre range, you will want some deeper water of about 10-20 feet. There is a good chance you will find some nice pike using the pike fishing tips shared in this instructional video.

There is not much depth or structure where we are fishing and only the bank edge and weed, so you have to prospect to find fish. But, you are dealing with a system that can be covered in short order. See how Steve breaks it down. Learn which fall pike fishing lures he prefers and why. Does color matter? How many pike lures do you need to be successful? You will learn about presentation and retrieval cadence. This is a thorough demonstration on small lake tactics.

Northern pike are one of North America's most voracious freshwater ambush predators. For a lot of anglers, this gamefish is a scourge. How many times has that bass you're reeling in been slammed by a pike? It happens. For others however, this is the prize. These sharp teeth ladened missiles offer some excellent sporting qualities. In smaller environments, pike can eat their way out of growth. Less food equals less size. Remember to look for that current flowing into and out of your lake. This will provide a continual conveyor belt of food and size amplification.

Steve Mortenson has pike fever and is in full acceptance. He has his game dialed in. Watch as he shows you how to catch pike in these bodies of water. This is his way and not the only way, but he is effective. So, absorb the knowledge he is sharing in this video. He will explain what the fish are relating to and how he best targets them. With southern muskie fishing expert Cory Allen peppering Steve with questions, you will get an interesting perspective on the overall biome the lake supports and how it helps northern pike thrive. Cory is a tactical genius, so his knowledge is on full bleed as his stream of conscious questioning keeps Steve on his toes.

Enjoy this educational journey across one of Wisconsin's great small lakes as we share intel on how to fish for pike in the fall. The more you know, the more you catch. Never stop learning.

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