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flathead catfish in the spread scott manning
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How to Catch Flathead Catfish with Scott Manning

The flathead catfish fishery in Tennessee is one of the best in North America. There are some legit giants swimming in the waters of this state. If you want a realistic shot at a hundred pound fish, this is a fishy place and a great place to learn. Targeting bigger cats is not that difficult, it just requires a lot of patience and a few need to follow catfishing techniques.

At In The Spread, we make it our mission to feature the very best in the industry, so you get to very best intel for your fishing program. Captain Scott Manning is the sort of guy that you want to learn from. He is very savvy. Don't let his laid back, easy going country demeanor fool you. Scott is a ninja. He has his program dialed. Without a doubt, he is one of the best fishing guides in the state and a recognized catfish guru. What he has is a keen understanding of how to locate, catch and boat damn big fish. That is the guy you want showing you how to catch catfish. His flathead catfish tactics work. This In The Spread fishing video features Scott Manning giving you everything you need to find and selectively target bigger fish in the early summer. Learn how locate ideal transition areas and productive structure, understand why these areas hold fish, what bait he prefers and how big, what depth to fish for catfish, the rig he uses, how to eliminate small fish and the uber important usage of electronics.

When you are targeting hogs, you need to be prepared. In Tennessee, you have a system of rivers, dams, reservoirs and more rivers creating an interconnected chain of bait rich fishing waters. The issue is, with all the transition areas and variable structure, how exactly do you zero in on a location that serves up thick flathead catfish? When you have the Clinch, Emory and Tennessee Rivers meeting the confluence creates very interesting dynamics that have direct impact on where bait is going to hold. River catfish of all strips will be there lazing in the gap gorging on trapped bait. But, we only want big fish. Deep structure is another area that will hold big 'ol whisker face. See how Scott pinpoints and maneuvers his boat onto superb bottom structure. He will explain the geography of the bottom and why it makes an ideal to drop baits.

The real key is to be able to use your bottom machine to see what kind of activity is happening around your baits. You will see the fish and whether they are looking or not. If there is activity, but no bites, what do you do? Do you stay or do you go? If you stay, how long should you wait? Don't make the mistake of not watching your electronics. Even though you could fish the same area with a chart. The chart will show you exactly where you should setup. Scott will show you.

When you go to drop your catfish bait down, what are you sending? How big of a bait should you use? Are your circle hooks for catfish baited properly? There are some nuances to this, if you want a mule. The fishing tips on bait prior to dropping are smart and can pay dividends. Remember, the last thing between you and the fish is your bait. Keep it fresh, cut it right and store it well.

When you fish for catfish and there is the legitimate chance a 100 pound flathead catfish could warp your rod over, be ready. Add the catfishing techniques and information Scott Manning is sharing in this instructional fishing video to your quiver. Fish smarter.

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Scott Manning is an avid Catfish/Striper angler, Author, writer, speaker, professional guide & US Army Veteran from Clinton,Tennessee. Captain Scott is licensed by the US Coast Guard & the State of Tennessee. Featured prominetly as a writer and contributor for BoatUS Magazine, The Catfish Magazine, The Angler Magazine & The Southern Outdoors Magazine, he has spent the past 30 years patterning trophy fish on the Clinch & Tennessee Rivers.

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