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Florida Bass Fishing Shallow Water Heavy Cover

In Florida, many of the better bass fishing lakes are shallow water lakes. You may find yourself fishing in three and half feet of water of less. In these shallow water systems, you are not going to have as much timber or other obvious sources of structure. What you do have is loads of vegetation in the way of grass and weeds. There will be a mix of hyacinth mats, hydrilla and eel grass. In the absence of topography and timber, this vegetation becomes the structure that largemouth bass will relate to. This is also where your baitfish will seek cover. What you get is a super productive bass fishing habitat, rich with oxygen, food and cover. Lakes like this hold some good sized largemouth bass. The trick is figuring out a pattern that will entice big bass to hammer your presentations.

This In The Spread bass fishing video features Florida bass fishing guide Capt. Nick Kefalides, of Warrior 2 Bass. Nick is a native Floridian and a lifelong fisherman. After serving in the Marine Corps for 11 years as a Marine Special Operator, Nick returned to fishing and began his career as a professional guide. He specializes in targeting giant bass in the central Florida area. If that is what you want to know about, there is a lot to learn in this instructional fishing video.

What Nick Kefalides does in all of his bass fishing videos is give you a road map for how to go out and do what he does on any given day. For this particular In The Spread feature, Nick is on a shallow water lake with thick heavy vegetation covering just about the entire body of water. This cover provides staging areas for big bass to ambush prey. Knowing how to target these fish is key. Nick is going to walk you through an entire morning of bass fishing using a variety of baits to dissect the habitat to develop a pattern that produces several nice fish. Nick has a unique understanding of bass behavior and the types of presentations that will produce nice fish in the heat of the summer. The bass lures he uses for this instructional video include topwater frogs, a topwater swimbait and chatterbaits. You will learn about the exact brands he likes and the color preferences he has based on the prevailing water conditions and bait fish the bass are feeding on. Nick will also talk about the importance of lure placement with your casts and why it matters in this type of fishing.

Fishing heavy cover should not be intimidating. Learn how to catch bass in this type of environment with ample success. While many anglers would go the route of using a more weedless type of presentation, Nick is not afraid to throw the chatterbait with its exposed hook. This bait has the sleek ability to carve right through the weeds and score hookup after hookup. Nick is a savvy fisherman. He produces really nice fish when many of the other guides are struggling. What he shares with you are fundamentals that will help you catch a lot more largemouth. He is open about sharing his experience and knowledge, so you can go out time and time again to catch big bass. Take full advantage of what Capt. Nick Kefalides is serving up in this video and fish with more confidence. Remember, knowledge is power. Never stop learning.

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