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Catfishing Techniques

The Tennessee River is loaded with giant blue catfish and flathead catfish. The system supports a rich food chain of baitfish that in turn create ideal habitats for trophy catfish, stripers, crappie, bass and muskie. There is one guide that can put you on all these species and he is Capt. Scott Manning. This In The Spread video features Scott sharing the techniques that made him a trophy catching authority. Whether it is more fish or that trophy catfish you have been angling for, the precision strategies and concepts presented by Scott will show you how to catch catfish and selectively giant fish.

Scott starts out by demonstrating how to set up your spread to drift baits right over the top of catfish. He will explain how to use weighted hooked baits and his deadly Demon Dragon catfish lures. Once you see how to get baits to the bottom and the dragging baits deployed, you will learn about keeping your baits on the bottom and how much current or trolling speed is ideal to optimal presentation.

In these large water systems, knowing where to look for river catfish is critical. What type of bottom structure makes for good dragging areas? How do you locate the forage fish the cats are feeding on. What roll does the wind play in moving bait? Where will the bait fish stack up. Scott always says, “find the bait, find the fish”. It is true. You need to be able to use your bottom machine and graphs to pinpoint channel edges, ledges, potholes and other bottom topography that will hold fish. You will gain a keen insight into the type of structure that hold the bigger trophy fish. Once you have your target spots and have marked to right type of fish, you have to set up your drift. All this information is in the video. You will learn all the concepts.

Having good fresh bait plays a pivotal roll in your success. Scott goes into great detail on the type of baitfish he prefers, how to rig baits using both weighted hook rigs and his demon dragon. The size of your bait is key. Differences in bait size allows you to target different size fish. What is the proper way to hook that tasty morsel?

When you are ready for catfishing techniques to selectively target some giants, Scott Manning walks you through anchor fishing. The big one are down deep. See how to find that prototypical depression that the big cats like. Learn how to work the entire area with a bait down 60-80 feet.

This In The Spread video with Capt. Scott Manning is super in-depth. Learn how to fish for catfish like a pro. Nothing is left out. Learn about the circle hooks that work for Scott to the various size and action of the rods and reels you need for both drift fishing and anchor fishing. What type of line is best suited for this type of angling and how much do you need to spool your reel with?

Let's not forget the ideal weather conditions to look for. Scott explains what he likes in the barometer, cloud cover, wind, time of day and how he deals with pre and post front fishing. This is the video that actually shows you how to do it.

Enjoy and Never Stop Learning!

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