Saltwater Fishing Videos - Offshore Tactics and Techniques

October 17, 2022
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Offshore fishing success relies on knowledge acquisition. In The Spread offers high-quality saltwater fishing videos to learn species-specific tactics and techniques for various species. These videos cover beginner to advanced techniques, rigs, baits, and tackle. By acquiring knowledge, you can increase productivity, satisfaction, and save time and money on the water.

Get More Fishing Knowledge

The reason certain offshore fishermen succeed where other struggle or even fail is driven by the amount of knowledge one has acquired. The people with the most knowledge usually spend the most time on the water practicing what they have learned. If you don't have that kind of time or just want to shorten your learning curve, you can take advantage of high quality educational saltwater fishing videos and learn from the very fishermen that achieve at the upper level.

At In The Spread, I create saltwater fishing videos that provide you with the opportunity to learn a variety of fishing skills. For offshore fishing, I focus on species specific fishing tactics and techniques. We show you how to catch fish in a very focused way. It could be beginner or advanced tactics and techniques you are want to learn for tuna, swordfish, wahoo, dolphin, marlin, dredge fishing, planer fishing along with the associated rigs, baits, lures and tackle.

In the world of offshore fishing, you are travel further from shore, where there is less margin for error. This type of fishing is more technical, requiring more depth of knowledge and skill. There are so many variables, ranging from boatmanship, navigation, tackle, equipment, rods, reels, time and a heck of a lot of money. It is to you absolute advantage to know as much as possible.

I put the very best fishermen in front of you, with our fishing videos, so you can learn what they know and how to apply it. By making real sport fishing education available to you, In The Spread can save you both time and money. The greater level of fishing knowledge you possess, the more productive your time on the water will be. Achieving more fishing success only leads to greater levels of satisfaction.

One of the approaches I take to ensure you get as comprehensive an education as possible is to feature multiple fisheries, for any given species. Not every fisherman fishes that same way. Each fishery has its own set of variables to deal with. Sea conditions, depth, structure, currents, bait fish migrations are different all over the world.

The more scenarios I can present in as many different fisheries as possible, the more perspectives you have to learn from. If I put a group of top tuna fishermen or marlin fishermen in front of you, each will have varied and highly perfected skill sets. The very best fishermen out there travel all over the world to learn as much as they can. It is the same with the content on In The Spread. If you can travel the world in your virtual learning experience, the more you take with you when you leave the dock.

If you want to learn fishing techniques to catch offshore fishing species, take a few minutes to peruse our diverse offering of Saltwater Fishing Videos.

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Take the guess work out of offshore fishing by building your base of knowledge with In The Spread resources. The smarter you are on the water, the more success you will have.

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