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Nov 12, 2019

Big Trout Fly Tying Videos

When you find the person who possesses quality skills as trophy trout angler, guide and lure maker, you typically find a craftsman that understands how fish feed a different times of the year and what profile in the water triggers a response from the the correct fish. We are talking about big fish. Fish that do not waste their energy trying to eat something that is not going to provide ample energy reserves. Let's get serious, big fish eat bigger things. Bugs don't afford nutrients enough the stimulate what is required to grow big. Meat is what is in play. Other fish, amphibians, rodents, birds or something along those lines will be on the menu for big trout.

When you understand the biology that drives big trout behavior, your chances of catching those fish increases in dramatic fashion. Marrying that with the ability to craft a fly pattern that looks and swims like something a trophy trout would eat, well yes, you end up with something special. Big articulated streamers that fit the bill of mimicking a food source a big trout would expel energy to pursue are a welcome addition to any fly box. Tying them yourself can be very satisfying, Knowing that your fly is tied with the very best materials will give you a certain sense of satisfaction in knowing that the trout fly you are throwing gives you the absolute best opportunity to land a hog.

The fly tying videos available on this site are arguably some of the best you will watch. There are no weird camera angles. No fast motion bullshit. You see as the person tying sees it. These are lengthy videos. They have to be, in order for you to learn each and every step in the tying process. When it comes to learning how to tie trout flies for trophy sized fish, you really want to use the best feathers or hackle, maribou, deer hair, fly tying vises, tools, etc that you can get your hands on. Knowing what one thing better than another is a big part of what we spend time talking about in our videos. The more you know, the better choices you make. With confidence comes precision.

The type of instructor we strive to feature in any In The Spread fishing video is a fishermen that is a bit headier. We want to bring you regular dudes and dudettes that achieve amazing levels of success with their fishing because they take the time to think about why fish do what they do. When you have seasonal knowledge of fish movements, the ecosystem and metabolic triggers and then you nuance that down to wind, temperature, atmospheric conditions and water movement you are starting to sharpen your skills. In The Spread wants fishermen that never stop doing this to share what they know with you.

Watching In The Spread fly tying videos is now free. Take the opportunity to learn how to tie flies for big trout from a truly skilled fly tying tactician. If it is big brown trout or rainbow trout you are interested in, the flies in our collection are all producers. Watch and learn.

Seth Horne


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