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    How to Fish Bluegill in Quarries

    2018, Bluegill - Fishing in Quarries with William Toney

    Florida's borrow pits and quarries offer vast fishing potential, with expert guidance from Capt. William Toney. These sites are teeming with life, particularly panfish and bass. With the right tactics and knowledge, these waters can yield impressive catches. Toney shares tips and techniques for a fruitful fishing trip, including live bait and artificial techniques. Essential gear, including rods and reels, and bait nets, is essential for success.

  • Fishing for Bluegill in Wilderness Springs

    2018, Bluegill - Fishing Wilderness Springs with William Toney

    Florida's freshwater springs offer a rich ecosystem with varied angling opportunities. Expert guide Capt. William Toney shares insights from the latest In The Spread fishing video, emphasizing scouting the right waters, essential gear, and successful tactics. Key attractions include panfish, bluegill, bass, and catfish.

  • Fishing Florida Panfish with William Toney

    2018, Fishing Florida Panfish with William Toney

    Florida offers a hidden world of angling with freshwater springs thriving with panfish, bluegill, bass, and catfish. Capt. William Toney's "In The Spread" fishing videos reveal these aquatic wonderlands. The pursuit of panfish, including the bluegill, is central to this odyssey, making it as entertaining and rewarding as chasing any saltwater leviathan. The bluegill is also known as the "common man's gamefish."